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Best Workwear for on the Go Dads

Fathers bear a lot of responsibilities. The first and most evident are children! However, parenthood typically comes with the extra duties of managing a hectic profession and going to your gym. The contemporary parent also has numerous social events and downtime to meet old friends. Is there any more space available? A father’s looks. Here are some vital ideas for being a stylish parent to get you off the sofa and out of that terrible hooded t-shirt.

How to level up your workwear?

You’re probably nearing the end of your job and have a little extra cash. So go for timeless staples like a leather bomber, cable knit sweater, super wool suit, and navy blazer. As previously said, keep the colors simple and manly until the grandchildren arrive.

1.        Accessorize

After stocking up on neutral tones and investment items, go all out on accessories to elevate an ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. Get a watch (right away), then a basic band or signet ring.

Then add a pocket square and silk woven tie, a scarf, and a classic hat to a suit or blazer. You can get different items to accessorize from the workwear supplies.

2.        Size Up

When the kids come around, most males gain a few pounds. Gaining weight is a ‘charming’ aspect of the aging man’s journey, especially if you’re on the elder side. So, if you’re a more considerable gentleman, stop attempting to squeeze into pre-father clothing or be a slim fit. Nothing is more irritating than seeing a fashion-conscious man out of shape and dressed inappropriately—size up.

3.        Take Inspiration From Style Icons

What ties these three men together, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt? They are the parents of the children. In addition to that, they have an attractive appearance. Even though he is getting older, Pitt still knows how to put together a good outfit. He like pressed suits, substantial cotton, and a color scheme that consists of black, tan, and grey.

The next step is to select a celebrity with your physical characteristics and age range and then proceed. But don’t plagiarise. Get your feet wet by beginning cautiously, and as your comfort level grows, progressively step up the amount of risk you take.

4.        Become a Grooming Master

To begin, trim your beard as attentively as you cut your hair. Can’t seem to grow one? Keep it shaved. Hair is next. Keep your hair short on the back and sides with additional length. Are you losing weight? If you want to avoid the buzz, keep the sides extremely short. And here’s a great guide to getting the silver fox appearance while turning grey.

The fragrance is a simple method to make your scent more ‘youthful’ without seeming too trendy. However, stay away from overly spiced colognes that scream “old guy.” To avoid dry skin, moisturize (face and hands are a must). Do you have long toenails? Cut them up. Fingernails? Please stop biting them.

5.        Style Is A Mindset

“No time for me,” several guys say when they become fathers. You’ve already shot yourself in the foot, uh, brogue. Bring your family along instead of carrying everything in. Having children may keep you up to date on what’s going on in fashion, particularly after they reach their late teens and begin to care about their appearance.


We hope that this guide to the best workwear for on-the-go dads has given you a new perspective and provided some new ideas. It’s a matter of trial and error for many people. As long as your children don’t get too close, you don’t have to keep them at arm’s length from your clothing.



Jeff Campbell