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The Best Betting Strategies for Half-Time/Full-Time Betting Market by a BetZillion expert Tim Harrison

Gabriella Clare Marino: Fans watching UEFA 2021 Ukraine vs Sweden football/soccer match in Rome, Italy

Usually, many bettors focus so much on only some types of betting markets. As a result, they do not take advantage of the other betting markets.

For instance, bettors prefer to wager on the Match Winning market and the Over/Under Markets regarding the most popular sports. Meanwhile, Betway sports review shows that there are several of them, including Double Chance, Both Teams to Score, Draw No Bet, Handicap, Half-time/Full-time, and others.

We at Middle Class Dad had an interview session with Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, and he gave us all the insight we need about the Half-time/Full-time betting market. It, of course, includes the advantages and disadvantages of the betting market.

What Is the Half-time/Full-time Betting Market?

Although popular in football, the betting market is also available in other sports, including Hockey and Handball. The Half-time/Full-time betting market allows you to bet on both the half-time and full-time results of a game.

This betting market is more like combining two bets into one. Here, you will predict the side that will lead at the end of the first half and the side that will show at the end of the game.

Usually, you can predict the home side to win at half-time and full-time, with sportsbooks displaying the betting options as home/home.

You can also see them display the betting options as away/away. It means the away side will win both at half-time and full-time.

Other options will look like home/away when you predict the home side to win at half-time and the away side to win at full-time eventually. You will also find away/home on sportsbooks with the prediction set for the away side to win at half-time and the home side at full-time.

Other varieties of this betting market include the following;

  • Home/Draw: The home team wins at half-time, and the game ends in a draw full-time.
  • Draw/Home: When the half-time ends in a draw and the home side wins at full-time.
  • Draw/Draw: When both the half-time and full-time ends in a draw.
  • Away/Draw: The away side wins at half-time, and the game ends in a draw at full-time.
  • Draw/Away: When the game ends in a draw at half-time, and the away side wins at full-time.

The good thing about this betting market is that the odds are usually high compared to Match Winner bets. It is because it could be quite a challenge to predict how the half-time of a game will go, not alone the full-time.

Examples of Half-Time/Full-Time Betting Market

All games will usually be available for the Half-time/Full-time betting market because all the outcomes are possible. However, we want to show you peculiar examples to help you understand each possibility.

  1. Home/Home

An example was the 2022 Premier League game between Aston Villa and Southampton on September 16. Aston Villa won the game 1-0 over the Saints, thanks to a goal from Jacob Ramsey. However, the game’s relevance with the Half-time/Full-time bet is that Ramsey scored the only goal in the first half. It ensured that the home side Aston Villa won at half-time and full-time.

Here is a look at the game between Aston Villa and Southampton:

  1. Away/Away

The 2022 Premier League game between Wolverhampton and Manchester City on September 17, 2022, saw Manchester City win at half-time and full-time. City led 2-0 at half-time as the away side before ending the game with a 3-0 victory away from home.

Take a look at how City won the game against Wolverhampton:

  1. Draw/Draw

An example of a game that finished a draw at half-time as well as full-time was the 2022 Premier League game between Newcastle and Bournemouth on September 17, 2022. After playing 0-0 in the first half, the game ended 1-1. In the end, the match finished with a draw at half-time and a draw at full-time.

Here is what a Draw/Draw betting market looks like:

  1. Home/Away

If you had wagered on the Home/Away Half-time/Full-time betting market in the game between Nottingham Forest and Fulham on September 16, 2022, you would have won big. Nottingham Forest led 1-0 by half-time to confirm themselves as half-time winners. However, Fulham eventually won the game 3-2 at full-time. As a result, the home team won half-time, while the away team won full-time. The Home/Away betting market looks like this:

  1. Draw/Home

The 2022 Premier League game between Everton and West Ham on September 18, 2022, saw a draw at half-time and a full-time win for the home side. After the match ended 0-0 at half-time, Everton scored the only goal in the second half to win the game.

Here is a video of how Everton defeated West Ham for a Draw/Home betting market:

  1. Draw/Away

Wagering on Southampton against Manchester United on August 27, 2022, would have given you a big win for the Draw/Away betting market. The game ended 0-0 at half-time before Bruno Fernandes scored the winning goal for the away side in the second half. At full-time, Manchester United won 1-0.

This video will show you an example of a Draw/Away betting result:

  1. Home/Draw

An example of the Home/Draw betting market was the Premier League game between Wolves and Newcastle on August 28, 2022. The home side Wolverhampton led 1-0 at half-time, but Newcastle equalized through Allan Saint-Maximin in the dying minute of the game. As a result, the game ended in a 1-1 draw at full-time.

Newcastle secured a 1-1 draw at Wolverhampton like this:

  1. Away/Draw

The Premier League game between West Ham and Tottenham represents an Away/Draw betting market. The away side Tottenham 1-0 at half-time, but West Ham’s Tomas Soucek equalized in the second half to allow the game to end in a 1-1 draw at full-time.

An example of an Away/Draw betting result is seen in the video below:

  1. Away/Home

While Manchester City had to score four goals in the second half to secure a comeback victory over Crystal Palace in the Premier League game on August 27, 2022, it represents a perfect example of an Away/Home betting market. Crystal Palace scored twice in the first half to seal a 2-0 victory at half-time. However, the home side Manchester City had a different idea, scoring four second-half goals to win 4-2 at full-time.

You will find the highlight of Manchester City’s comeback victory over Crystal Palace in this video:

Pros and Cons of Half-time/Full-time Betting Market

Aleksandr Kadykov: Football fans are shocked by a game-changing offside during France-Belgium semi-final UEFA National League match

The Half-time/Full-time betting market is for the brave minds, and several betting markets allow bettors to wager on the market. An example of a reliable bookmaker is Betway, where you will also find a variety of other markets.

Before you proceed to wager on the betting market, here are some pros and cons of Half-time/Full-time.


  • The odds are big. As a result, the payout will be massive.
  • The betting market keeps you entertained until the end of a game.


  • The betting market is risky. Predicting who will win at half-time and at full-time is challenging.
  • You have to wait until the end of the game to determine whether your bet wins or not.


Different betting markets are available for various sports. For football, ice hockey, handball, or other low-scoring sports, the Half-time/Full-time betting market is a great one you can explore.

With the betting market, you can be sure of high odds. If you predict and win, you will get massive returns. While you might want to jump on the betting market immediately, researching before placing your bets is good. It helps you make the best betting decisions.



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