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Small Changes That Make A Big Difference To Your Home

The new year is coming up, which is when many people like to make changes to their lives and abide by the “new year new me” ethos. For some people, this is the perfect time to get some custom home builders to help them get their dream property. For others, they won’t have the budget but would like to make some changes to their property. 

Luckily, there are many small changes that you can make, which will make your rooms look not only different but also potentially bigger. If you don’t have the budget, simply moving your furniture can make a difference or getting some of your own photos printed and put on the wall.

Below are five small changes you can make that will make a big difference. 

Purchase a rug for one of your rooms 

A rug can have a big impact on a room, making it look bigger and changing the room’s overall feeling.

You could look at putting a new rug in any of your main rooms to make a difference, from your living room to your dining room. Rugs can come in many sizes, so no matter the room dimensions, you’ll be able to fit one in.

Plus, a rug doesn’t have to be expensive but can instantly make a room feel different. 

Add a feature wall in one of your rooms 

In one of your rooms, repaint one of the walls or add wallpaper to make a feature wall.

If it’s just the one wall, you could have this done in a day and make a big change to the room without having to spend much money. When planning your feature wall, take a look at Pinterest for inspiration.

Feature walls are great for adding texture to a room, making it look bigger and brightening up a space. 

Touch up any defects that happen over time

Over time your property will get damaged through regular usage. You may not have realized, but by simply touching this back up, your room can instantly feel fresher and make a big difference to the room’s feel.

For example, in your bathroom when the sealant starts to go black, this can make the room feel dirty, or maybe your fixings need a little TLC. You may not have got the time to make these changes before, but it is cheap and effective.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, there are always ways to cut costs as well. 

Purchase some plants around the house 

By adding some indoor plants around the house, you can make a big difference to the feel of a room. Plants are great for adding color, reducing stress, and adding some oxygen to the space. Indoor plants can be very affordable and be used on your shelves or as a standalone centerpiece for the room.

Don’t go overboard; just a couple of additions will make the room look brighter and add another dimension. 

Hang some pictures on the wall 

Do you paint or take your own photos? With the quality phone cameras have today, we’re sure you will have a couple of images that will look amazing hung on your wall. Why not take a look through your camera roll and get some photos sent to print and decorate your house with them.

You could print pictures of your family, any holiday pictures, or proud moments of your life. You’ll be surprised how quickly guessed will notice them when they visit you.

Work On The Roof!

While the roof has its purpose and needs to be taken care of in a practical sense, the looks will also matter.

You only really notice the change once it has taken place, but once it has, you’re very happy that you did so. Over time, your roof can get very messy and be filled with moss – be sure to give it a regular clean if you can. You might even want to get a full replacement if you have the money!

The surrounding aspects also matter, so look at the likes of guttering supplies for when the gutters and downpipes need to be cleared up.