Top 3 Biggest Home Decor Mistakes Everyone Makes In Their Living Room

Everyone makes mistakes, particularly when it comes to home decor and interior design.

There are definitely a few things that many people seem to get wrong with regards to designing their living rooms.

In this blog, we’ll look at the biggest errors, so you know what to avoid – or what you need to fix!

Putting Style Over Practicality

It’s very easy to get carried away when designing your living room.

As a result, you can end up putting style over practicality. What this means is you have a living room packed full of very stylish items and designed beautifully, but it’s not very functional at all.

For example, it’s hard to move as there’s not much space, the sofa isn’t in a good position with regards to the TV, and it’s just hard to really do anything in there.

To avoid this, you need to have an equal balance between the two; it should still look nice, but there should be practical elements that mean your living room has some degree of functionality and isn’t just a work of art!

Following Interior Design Trends

How many of you are guilty of committing this mistake? You spend time looking at ideas online, so you follow some of the current trends and design this room as such.

The issue is that trends are just that; trends. They go in and out of fashion, which means your living room could be stale in as little as a years time.

Instead, you should always pick safe options and stick to more neutral colors and design scheme. As it shows on, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to get ugly furniture.

There are some really stunning designs out there in grays and blacks that will make your living room look gorgeous while staying in fashion forever. You can’t go wrong with neutrals, they’ll never not be on-trend!

Overcrowding The Walls

Finally, we have the mistake of putting too much stuff on the walls in your living room.

This could mean you hang too many photos there, you put up too many shelves, or you have multiple pieces of art on display.

All this does is it creates a very messy and full feeling in your room. It almost makes it feel as though the walls are closing in as there’s just so much stuff on them. Realistically, you can get by with one or two photos/pieces of art, and maybe a shelf or two if it makes sense.

Keep the walls bare, and your living room will look a lot better and feel far less overcrowded as well.

It’s good to learn about these mistakes as it helps you change any that you’ve made or understand what to avoid when designing your living room.

If you’re just about to remodel your living space or have moved into a new home, then please ensure you don’t make the same mistakes as everyone else!

They won’t totally ruin your living room, but they will make it much worse than it could be.


Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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