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5 Ways Bingo Has Been Revolutionized Since Moving Online

Bingo was one of the most popular gambling games of the 20th century, but a failure to adapt in time caused it to become unpopular for a brief period, especially when the television was introduced to households.

Now that bingo has moved online, it has seen its popularity rise yet again, bringing with it a whole new audience. Here are 5 ways bingo has been revolutionized since moving online.

There is a younger audience

If you were to think of bingo, you might assume that the player base consists primarily of an older generation, and that might have been the case 40 years ago.

Today, the game of bingo is being enjoyed by people of all ages, especially those from a younger audience. This has led to many bingo sites adopting new technology, and offering a variety of payment methods such as PayPal on these sites, as well as changing the game up by making it not just about numbers like the games of old, but now includes themes.

These themes were introduced to attract a younger audience and were much needed when moving online, since those that use the technology to play online are generally not from an older generation.

These themes range anywhere from superheroes to celebrities, films, books and more, and have been a vital part of the reimagining of bingo, and its recent success.

There’s a lot of variety

One of the biggest problems that bingo faced before moving online was that even though there were a variety of bingo games to play, it wasn’t practical.

This is because bingo halls would play one game at a time, and there wasn’t really any way to know which hall would be playing what, when.

This has all changed since moving online, and now players are able to access a variety of bingo games, such as 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, 30 ball bingo, Slingo, and many more. More than this, players are able to access all of these games from one site, and not need to look around the web for different sites to play different games.

The process is automatic

In a traditional bingo hall, you would need to buy a ticket, or card, and then enter the hall, dabbing out any numbers that are called out. This process required you to have to pay attention at all times, especially if you were playing with more than one card, as missing just one number could mean the difference between winning and losing. This isn’t the case since bingo has moved online.

Now players are able to purchase multiple cards, up to 100 on some sites, and enter many different games without having to pay much attention to what is happening.

This is because the process is now automated, and the numbers on the cards are marked without the players needing to do anything. What’s better, is that if a player isn’t able to attend a game they have bought a card for, they will still be able to collect any winnings should they win the next time they log on.

It’s mobile

Perhaps the biggest change since moving online is the fact that players no longer need to find a bingo hall and travel there; they can play from the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to this, since bingo has increased in popularity, many bingo apps have been created that allow players to use their mobile devices to play, opening the game up to a whole new audience.

Now players are able to play on the go, in a restaurant waiting for food, or on the way home in a bus if they have a few minutes to spare. The biggest benefit of this is that players are able to whenever they want without having to wait for a hall to open.

It’s even more social

The thing that really made bingo popular for the many players who enjoyed it back in the day was that it was a social event. The height of popularity for bingo was characterized by the fact that there was no television, and no social activities that just anyone could participate in.

Now that it has moved online, it is even more social.

There are many bingo forums and groups online where people can converse and discuss bingo, and in addition to this, there are also chat rooms on the actual bingo sites.


Jeff Campbell