3 Tips To Choosing Blinds for Your Kitchen Windows

3 Tips To Choosing Blinds for Your Kitchen Windows

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The usefulness of blinds cannot be overstated. From allowing just enough light, decorating the home to enhancing privacy, blinds are a must have in any home.

As you choose blinds for your home, you should not leave out your kitchen windows. You also want your kitchen to look stylish, control the amount of light coming in and enhance privacy.

Remember that a lot goes on in the kitchen, from the cooking, hanging out, eating, socializing and sometimes even doing homework.

As you choose the blinds for your kitchen, you should make sure that they are the right fit to strike the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Here are tips to guide you.

Easy to clean

In the kitchen, there are food splatters, smoke, grease, and moisture. That is why as you choose blinds for your kitchen windows, you should go for blinds made of fabrics that are easy to clean and that can withstand moisture and heat.

Don’t worry that this could limit your choices since now there are blinds of varying patterns, colors, and textures that can fit into your home décor. You don’t have to have those wooden roman blinds in your kitchen because of warping, but you can get PVC roller blinds since they are easy to clean and they won’t be affected by the moisture or grease.

Also, you can find fabrics that have insulating properties, have light reflecting options and are moisture resistant which makes it easy to choose appropriate blinds for your kitchen.

Size and position of kitchen windows

One function of blinds is to allow privacy. It would be no use to have blinds that don’t fit properly on the windows. Measure the size of your kitchen windows and choose blinds that will fit properly.

Vertical and Venetian blinds are the ones recommended if you are looking for privacy. If your window is short and small, opt for horizontal blinds while for the tall or big windows go for vertical blinds. The good thing with these blinds is the ability to adjust them to control visibility and the amount of light getting in.

If your windows are positioned where there is a lot of direct sunlight, opt for blinds that can filter light so that you can have just enough light in your kitchen.

Is there a great view from your kitchen window? Then you will need blinds that can give you maximum view such as the roller blinds.

Keep in mind your home décor

Blinds come in different colors, textures, patterns, and fabrics. Therefore, you can find kitchen blinds that will fit the overall décor of your home.

For the best outcome, choose blinds that complement the room such as those of natural tones and hues.

Ensure you are guided by your décor when choosing the color scheme of your blinds. If your kitchen has a neutral color scheme, choose blinds that have a color that complements the look. You can choose plain blinds for your traditional or contemporary kitchen.

If you love patterns, you can include a bold print in your kitchen blinds provided it rhymes with your overall home décor.


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