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4 Reasons to Book a Cruise Transfer Service

A cruise is on the books, and you are in the final planning stages before the big event arrives. Along with printing out itineraries, making a packing list, and sending out email reminders to everyone in your party, we recommend booking a cruise transfer for the following reasons:

#1: Everyone Will Fit

When you are transporting family, friends, or even colleagues for a cruise, you know there is going to be a ton of baggage in addition to the riders. Do you really want to risk booking a rideshare to end up realizing there is no possible way for everyone to fit, forcing riders to split into separate cars?

Rather than risk such an inconvenience, pre-booking a private transfer service will guarantee plenty of seats for your guests and room for every piece of luggage. Most cruise transfer services provide:

  • Sedans – 1 to 2 passengers with up to 3 bags
  • SUVs – 3 to 5 passengers with up to 5 bags
  • Vans – 6 to 14 passengers with up to 8 to 14 bags
  • Bus – 37 to 55 passengers with every bag ever!

Whether you are planning a small family getaway with your spouse, are bringing along the kids, have a whole family reunion, or are even hosting a corporate retreat, everyone will fit!

#2: No Wait, No Delays

Often when people take a cruise, they depart from their homes if they live close by or a hotel if they have to travel a reasonable distance.

When traveling from home, there will likely be wait time and delays if you try to catch a rideshare or taxi. You will never know how long it will take your ride to arrive or what type of traffic you will face. And, if you have people departing from separate houses, it can get even more messy.

Some hotels may provide a cruise transfer service if you are a guest. Unfortunately, such a service adheres to their schedule, not yours. Plus, if you miss it, there likely won’t be another for hours! The last thing you want to do is miss your cruise!

By booking a cruise transfer service, there are no wait times or delays. You book when you want to arrive at the destination, and the company will schedule backward, taking in predicted traffic patterns and room for potential delays, to give you an exact time of departure. Forgot something in the house? No worries, they will wait for you!

#3: Worry-Free Transportation

Where is grandma? Has anyone seen Joni? Where did Great Uncle Carl wander off to? Cruise lines adhere to a strict schedule, with guests needing to arrive during a particular time window to ensure prompt travel. When everyone is in charge of their own transportation, there are bound to be problems, whether that means someone forgetting luggage or arriving late.

One of the primary benefits of booking a cruise transfer service for the entire party is that it keeps everyone together. You board together and get dropped off TOGETHER. You can rest assured that everyone will arrive on time, together, with all their bags!

#4: Starting the Trip Off with a Bang

Lastly, hiring a cruise transfer starts your trip off with a bang! You get to arrive in style, worry-free, and feeling like a rockstar. Plus, if you are hosting a cruise event, your guests will appreciate you providing this perk!

Jeff Campbell