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9 Effective Ways to Boost Your Garage Security

Home security is one thing you shouldn’t take for granted during the lockdown. Did you know garage doors are common entry points for burglars to breach home security and steal valuable possessions? Statistics from the National Home Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) show that 9% of burglars break-in through garages. Therefore, this entry point into your home is high-risk and requires solid protection. Here are nine sure-fire ways to boost your garage security.

  1. Get a smart garage door opener

Garage door openers add an extra layer of security to your garage. They keep the door shut and protect your car from thieves. Remote-controlled door openers are becoming a popular trend today because of their proven security benefits. That said, experienced burglars may be able to hack your codes to force open your garage. 

So, consider going a step further to invest in a smart garage door opener. For example, a Chamberlain smartphone-controlled garage door opener will allow you to track your garage’s status. It can give you quick alerts when someone illegally breaks into your garage, and you can then call law enforcement officers to respond to the emergency.

  1. Avoid the temptation to leave your garage door remote in your vehicle

Some drivers often clip their garage remotes to their car’s sun visor or glovebox. However, this can turn out to be a big mistake since burglars usually look at these places. Having a remote-controlled garage isn’t enough for your security if you can’t safely store the device. Make it a point to keep your opener in your pocket or purse. You can also decide to carry it securely together with car keys. Garage door remotes are convenient in the sense that they eliminate the need for you to get down and manually open your garage.

  1. Install exterior flood lights

The lighting systems in your home and garage could play critical roles in your overall security. When you’re seeking to revamp your garage security, it helps to inspect your home’s lighting system. Thieves and burglars love taking advantage of the darkness to carry out their malicious nocturnal activities. A poorly lit garage surrounding will only do well in inviting robbers to your home, as poor illumination means that you’ve created a haven for burglars to visit your home without any detection.

If your garage building is not well lit, head out to the nearest supply store and invest in powerful exterior floodlights. Consider installing motion-sensitive light fixtures; these can turn on and alert you when they detect movement around your garage.

  1. Use security cameras

CCTV cameras in your garage can deter intruders from targeting your properties. As such, you should fix some surveillance cameras around your home and garage. Many thieves will naturally shy away from an area that’s surrounded by active surveillance systems. Secondly, security cameras can capture the identity of criminals if they dare come near your garage. An investment in these advanced technologies can help keep your garage secure.  

  1. Replace your garage door

Another effective strategy to improve the security of your vehicle is to replace your old garage door.

This is especially important if you’re a car owner who uses a cheaper traditional garage door. Burglars are pretty smart actors who know their craft to a great extent. Therefore, using outmoded garage doors makes you a prime target for the prying eyes of criminals. 

Consider upgrading your garage to meet the highest security standards. While solid-core garage doors are pricier, they can protect your properties to the fullest. Installing remote-controlled garage door openers is also a great way to upgrade your garage. The question: is what happens when you lose your garage remote control, or maybe it wouldn’t send a signal? Well, in that case, you’ll need to learn how to program a replacement garage door remote.

  1. Build a steel garage door

In terms of security, steel garage doors are seen as optimal choices over alternatives like aluminum.

Steel doors are made of durable materials and offer a high level of security while improving your garage’s energy efficiency. It’s always better to choose a steel company that’s reputable in the construction industry. Trusted steel dealers can provide you with the best security solutions for your garage door. Look for high-quality brands with good customer support teams. 

  1. Securely lock the door that leads to your garage

Some homeowners build a passageway to their garage to ensure that they can conveniently access their car irrespective of the weather.

Homes that have attached garages may want to lock the door between their garage and the house securely. A secondary door that leads to your garage is either a security guard system or a major security risk. Once a thief gains access to your garage, they can potentially make it into your home. Keep all connecting doors shut to provide even greater security.

  1. Check your landscaping

Hardened criminals wouldn’t mind hovering around your house in broad daylight.

They’ll want to take advantage of security loopholes in your environment, such as your landscaping. Bushes and trees near your garage can provide cover for thieves to attack your home.

Design your landscape to ensure that large trees and shrubs don’t serve as weak spots for bad people to operate near your house. You may want to ensure that neighbors and passersby can clearly see what’s going on around your home and garage at any time. Your security may lie in the hands of a good Samaritan who has a clear view of your home.

  1. Try to hide your properties

Thieves don’t usually attack people who own nothing; rather, they watch out for people who flaunt their possessions, such as cars and garages. An open window in your home that vividly exposes all your valuables is a significant threat to your security.

Burglars will be motivated to visit you if you don’t learn how to keep your stuff out of view. Hide your valuable possessions to avoid compromising your home security.