Brands Owned by Female Celebrities

Studies show that brand loyalty is becoming a thing of the past as millennials become the primary age group of spenders. With more and more options of what to buy and how to buy it, brands need to become that much more competitive with one another to gain people’s business and retain it. One way companies did this in the past was through celebrity endorsements. Now the famous have made the intelligent decision to sidestep being the middleman and start their own companies. The following are brands you may not have known were founded by celebrities.

Draper James – Reese Witherspoon

She’s undeniably one of America’s Sweethearts, but this southern belle is a savvy businesswoman too. She founded Draper James, which sells everything from home decor to affordable or high-end apparel. Shoppers can feel Reese’s southern roots throughout the line’s offerings, and it’s quickly gained traction with women who want to emulate her style.

The Honest Company – Jessica Alba

The Honest Company offers a natural line of products for baby’s and their mothers. The company is all about transparency for what is in their products and how they are made. Whether you’re shopping for diapers for your newborn or lip gloss for yourself, you can be confident the ingredients are safe for the entire family. Jessica makes sure her company gives back, too, donating to organizations that help make communities healthier and happier worldwide.

Flower Beauty – Drew Barrymore

We’ve all watched as Drew Barrymore grew up from adorable child actress to a gorgeous adult both inside and out. That beauty is seen even in her brand, Flower Beauty. On top of being cruelty-free, the brand envisions an air of whimsy around beauty products. “You’re already beautiful, now let’s play.” The line sells everything from beauty tools you’ll need for the application to products infused with CBD.

Kylie Cosmetics – Kylie Jenner

Most everyone knows that Kylie Jenner owns her own makeup line since she famously became the youngest self-made billionaire ever. What is most remarkable about Kylie’s brand is how she single-handedly catapulted it to cult status through her use of social media. Highlighting up-and-coming products on Instagram and showing ways to use her products via Snapchat helped her sell out some products even in their first week of dropping.

Fenty – Rihanna

We all know Rihanna as the Caribbean-born siren who creates top of the chart hit after hit. She’s always seen hanging out with famous friends, and her attitude about just being herself is inspiring. However, not everyone knows that Rihanna also founded Fenty, a beauty company. Her foundations are a Holy Grail find for makeup aficionados gaining her cult status in that department. Fenty also has a lingerie line that carries petite, straight, and plus sizes.

Ivy Park – Beyonce

Name a more iconic duo than Jay-Z and Beyonce; we’ll wait. Though she’s arguably one of the most powerful performers of this generation, Beyonce’s power extends to the boardroom as well. She co-founded Ivy Park (a women’s activewear line) with TopShop in 2016. Her fans flocked to buy it as it helps cover any flaws you may find with your body (Beyonce created the line to fix issues she herself found in activewear). She has since bought out Top Shop’s shares and is now the sole owner of Ivy Park. Doing collaborations with famous brands like Adidas has only boosted her vast following.

Goop – Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth refers to herself not only as a movie star but a “modern lifestyle” guru. She owns the site Goop. Goop originally began as a newsletter that informed readers of products and habits to implement on their path to wellness. Her business savvy really paid off as she was transitioning the site to become a shopping platform for all the products she once talked about in the newsletter. The brand now offers its own products under the brand Goop, and customers can’t get enough – no matter how high the price tag!

Fabletics – Kate Hudson

Not only is her mother the incredibly famous Goldie Hawn, but Kate Hudson also made quite a name for herself as an actress. She’s not only a successful wife and mother; she is also the founder of the athleisure line, Fabletics. The company surpassed over $300 million in revenue in less than five years, no small feat for a brand that began with online sales only.

Stella McCartney

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was every bride’s fantasy encompassing everything from wedding sparklers and stylish centerpieces to festive wedding balloons and gradious floral arrangements. However, it was Meghan Markle’s second wedding dress that took the cake.

What’s the secret behind the elegant royal-worthy design? Her name is Stella McCartney. Although being the daughter of famed musician and songwriter Paul McCartney, Stella has made a name for herself designing women and children’s clothing. In May of 2018, she announced her latest bridal collection which includes a variety of chic, minimalist, elegant, and timeless wedding dresses that women adore.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to female celebrity owned brands on the market. They are pioneering the way for women worldwide to not only look and feel their best, but inspiring female entrepreneurs to take a leap and invest in their dreams.


Jeff Campbell