Planning A Budget Friendly Trip To Disneyland

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When you are planning a family trip to Disneyland, you need to create a budget for this trip that will take you from the Philippines to California and back. Plus, you need to understand how to manage your budget while you are on your trip Each of the steps below will make it easier for you to have a great time at Disneyland. Plus, you can handle money matters while you are in California without any trouble.

How Do You Travel To Disneyland?

When you plan your trip to Disneyland, you should start with a discount airline that will give you a good price on your tickets. Some airlines offer package discounts when you travel as a family, or you might fly standby if you are by yourself.

Some airlines offer extra discounts if you buy your tickets several months in advance. Plus, you may want to look at discount airfare sites to find the best tickets. Researching your trip will help you save money on your airfare. Plus, you can take the Magical Express when you get to California. Let Disneyland pick you up at the airport if you are staying in the park. If not, you may get a shuttle to your hotel or rent a car.

Where Should You Stay?

Staying inside a Disney park can be very expensive, and you do not want to automatically book a vacation that drops you inside a Disney park. If you can get a package discount, you might stay in the parks. However, Disneyland has created a cottage industry in the Anaheim area that allows you to stay in discounted hotels and affordable condos.

When you find a vacation rental, you will spend a fraction of the price of staying in the park. Plus, you can bring several people with you because large condos are much cheaper than Disney hotel rooms. If you find a discount hotel, they might offer a shuttle to the park. Also, there are dozens of hotels around the park because Disneyland is located in the middle of Anaheim.

How Do You Buy Tickets?

Disneyland tickets are never discounted, but you save money when you get multiple days. The price of one day in the parks goes down when you stay more than two days, and that price continues to drop as you add days to your tickets. Planning a longer trip is often more cost-effective. There are cases when you can buy a package that offers a discount on tickets and dining together, but they are only released at certain times of the year.

How Do You Plan Your Meals?

When you are planning your meals, you should eat breakfast in your hotel room. When you get into the park, you can bring snacks that you might pack in your bag. You should eat at quick-service restaurants in the park that are a little bit less expensive than sit-down restaurants. Plus, you might leave the park halfway through the day for a nap. You can eat a cheap lunch on your way back to the hotel.

How Do You Manage Money While You Are On Vacation?

You need to know how to transfer money to the Philippines if your family back home needs extra cash. Plus, you might need to send money to a specific relative while you are on vacation.

If you already live in California, you still might need to send money back to the Philippines from time to time. You may have invited your family over, and you want to use these tips so that you have extra money you can send to family back home. You can transfer money from a local office in Anaheim, and you do not need to travel very far to get there.


Planning a trip to Disneyland is simple if you have looked for different ways to save money. Someone who is traveling from the Philippines needs to find a cheap flight, and you should choose a discounted hotel room or condo. You might get a discount package that helps you save money on food in the parks, or you can plan to eat some of your meals outside the parks. Plus, you can easily handle money matters by transferring money back home to relatives who need it.


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