Top 3 Budget Gaming Laptops Under $300

When we talk about a budget laptop, one thing must be cleared that there are some compromises when we are willing to buy a cheap gaming laptop.

Having great features on a budget or in refurbished laptops is possible, and the best thing is, you don’t even have to dig deep in your pockets.

But we can say that there is a very less possibility to have the best laptop at a cheap price so, you must be open to both options.

There are many things not to compromise so, you must be very focused on these specifications but we can say that there are many specifications that can be ignored while buying a laptop.

Here we are going to discuss some of the cheap gaming laptop under 300 dollars and have comparatively best specifications.


Here comes the very first laptop comes on the list. We can say that this is a very basic and compact laptop. Some players need a decent-sized laptop.

So, this is the very best option if you are willing to go for a decent-sized laptop and enjoy your games with portability.

Here are some of the specifications which decide whether to buy this laptop or not so, have a look at them and decide what to do.


It is one of the mo0st important things to have a look at. And in budget laptops, there must be some compromise on the processor.

This laptop comes along with the AMD Ryzen 3 3200 that is only good for light gaming only but it can be good for official tasks and business meetings.

RAM & storage

The second thing that comes to the list is RAM and we can say that if you want speed then you must install good RAM to increase the speed of your laptop. This laptop has an average RAM of 4GB only.

This can be a good option for older games only and unable to play heavy or modern games using this RAM.

Then it comes to storage, we have 128GB SSD which is still not a good option for a gaming laptop but SSD is a good option for speed.

Acer aspire 5 slim

There are many companies which are striving their best for the last many years and we can say that Acer is one of that companies.

This brand is famous for its reliability and durability. Their products can be long-lasting and have the best specifications at a very reasonable price.

In Acer slim, we got some specifications which we are going to discuss below so, have a look at them and decide whether it suits you or not.


As we mentioned above, processors are something very important to be check before buying a laptop. It is not wrong if we say gaming cannot be done without a good processor.

In this laptop, we found out that it comes along with the same processor AMD Ryzen 3 3200 which can be only a good choice if you are going to buy it for light gaming.

RAM & storage:

We have the same RAM in this laptop which is present in the last discussed laptop. We got 4GB DDR4 RAM installed in it which is not so impressive.

For storage, the company uses 128 GB SSD. Using this number is not so efficient but having an SSD can be good for speed.

HP EliteBook 8470p

HP is also considered the best laptop brand due to its portability and durability. If you want to use your laptop for a long period then you can go for this laptop.

Otherwise, we have some better options but going for this laptop can make you feel secure and can be your gaming partner for years.

We are going to discuss some of the important specifications which we cannot ignore while having a laptop and these are mentioned below.


If you want to get the full output from your laptop so you can be very focused on your processor. In this laptop, we have Intel core i5 which is can be a good option for gaming.

We can play some heavy games using this processor and can play games without any lag. So, having this laptop can be a good option.

RAM & storage:

For gaming, always go for a good RAM and it is not wrong to say that if you want to speed up the gaming then you can go for a better RAM.

We have 8GB DDR3 RAM used in this laptop which can be a good option for gaming and we can also increase it at any time.

When we come towards storage, we got the same 128 GB SSD which is too low for gaming but this can also be increased at any time.

Wrap up

We always mention that you don’t need to spend extra on gaming. You can enjoy your passion while keeping yourself under a budget.

Some laptops are very expensive and attract the user very much but it depends on the gamer and can he afford them or not.

If you can afford an expensive laptop then you must go for the best laptop but if you cannot afford then it is absolutely fine to enjoy your passion on a cheap laptop and there is no problem using an under-budget laptop.

We have discussed three laptops that are under $300 which have some of the best options or specifications.

Jeff Campbell