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5 Budget Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money

The cost of living is on the rise, and it’s getting difficult to keep up. The grocery store is a place where it is easy to get carried away and spend more money than you planned. With these tips, you can save on your next trip!

Tip 1: Know What to Buy

Knowing what to buy before going to the grocery store helps you save bucks. This involves planning your menu for the week, making a grocery list, and sticking to the list you made.

Planning Your Menu

Planning your menu helps you prepare a grocery list. You don’t end up buying unnecessary items or more of a certain commodity than needed. If you’re not sure what to cook, check out any cookbooks or recipes online and see what ingredients you need.

Make a List Based on Your Menu

An organized list ensures that you don’t leave anything out, and you only buy what’s on the list. The best way to know how much food you need is to estimate the number of people who will eat. Will it be just you and your family? Or, will you be having visitors coming over for dinner? After that, write on a piece of paper next to each ingredient how much you’ll need.

For example:

  • broccoli – 2 bunches
  • chicken breast – 3 packs
  • peas – 16 oz.
  • pasta – 16 oz.

This way, when you go to the supermarket, you know exactly how much of each item you need. You will not be buying too much or run out of anything.

Bring Your Grocery Shopping List and Stick to It

Do not stray from your grocery shopping list. Make sure you don’t leave it in your house and stick to it while walking around the store, so you don’t forget or impulse buy anything.

Tip 2: Buy On-Sale Items

Buy good bargain items. You can save up to 50% on food just by following this simple tip. Take advantage when stores have big sales, like 10 for $10, BOGOF (buy one get one free), and 3 for $5.

Tip 3: Use Coupons

Using coupons is an effective way to save money on groceries. Make sure you are aware of the coupon dates and use them in time. In addition to clipping coupons, subscribe to a grocery store email list to receive weekly or monthly updates about local specials and sales in your area.

Also, do not skip weekly ad previews, which are available online. Some of them offer great coupons that can save you money on your food and household products.

Tip 4: Buy Produce That is in Season

Buy what’s in season. Produce that is growing at its peak flavor will taste better, and you can save up to 50% on them. For example, berries are significantly cheaper during the summer months than other times of the year. It is also a great time to purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables, so if you want apples or blueberries for your pies and cobblers, buy big bags when they’re cheap instead of buying just a few that have been transported long distances from faraway farms.

Tip 5: Do Not Shop Hungry

This may seem trivial, but it isn’t! Shopping while hungry means you’ll spend more money than necessary — especially on tempting impulse buys like candy bars or chips. When grocery shopping first thing in the morning, make sure you have had breakfast before going out of the door. You’ll be less likely to spend money on unplanned or unhealthy snacks.

Saving money on groceries is not always easy. With food prices going up and the cost of living continuously increasing, it can be hard to make ends meet when buying your weekly or monthly grocery haul. But, there are ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of your meals and daily necessities. With these five budget grocery shopping tips, you can save more at the checkout line!

Jeff Campbell