How To Build Your Own Hanging Pot Rack

Keeping pots and pans organized can be really difficult, especially when storage space in your kitchen is very limited. All it takes is some creative thinking, and you can find new ways to keep your kitchen cabinets from filling up to the brim. When creating more storage solutions that also complement your home decor, think vertically, and opt for a hanging pot rack.

You may have seen these hanging racks in movies, TV shows, and in the houses of really clean or organized people. Some of these racks can be really costly. That is why most people have turned to create their own hanging racks as a way to create more space in their kitchens without breaking the bank. You can too!

Depending on which option you go with, you may have to purchase some materials and tools. Do some quick research and read more about what is required. Whether you are working on a kitchen renovation or you are looking for more storage space, here are some ways to make hanging pots and pans rack.


This is a quick and easy way to create some extra storage for your pots and pans.

Creating a rebar hanging kitchen rack is simpler than ever. Rebar, a chain, and s-hooks are some of the necessary materials required for this. When it comes to making it fit into the kitchen decor you have, you may need things like spray paint or wood stain.

Also, keep in mind that you can easily tailor your rack to fit your storage needs as you can buy a single bar or you can buy it in grid style sections.

Towel Bars

You want to make sure that when you are going with this option, you pick a bar that can also look good in the kitchen.

It is recommended to go with something more neutral or that uses materials like brushed steel, copper, and wrought iron. One thing to note is how stable the bar is. You want to make sure that you also use s-hooks and secure them to the interior wall studs so your DIY hanging rack does not fall on your head.

Once you do this, you can rest assured knowing that your pots, pans, and large kitchen utensils have a perfect home.

Wall-Mounted Wire Shelves

Turn your wire shelves into something more by taking them out of the cabinet and hanging them above your stove.

If you do not have the room over your stove, consider changing your cabinets into an open space, taking out the top level of your cabinets. Wall-mounted wire shelves are one of the best solutions to your kitchen storage needs. Not only will you free up some shelf space, but you can also turn it into a hanging pot and pans rack by adding some s-hooks off the bottom of the wire shelf.

Depending on how high you hang the shelf, you can add an extra level to your hanging shelf by adding a towel bar a little further down the wall.

Gate Sections

If you frequent the junkyard, look for sections of an old iron gate on your next trip.

Use some spray paint you can pick up from the corner store and paint the iron gate your desired color. Make sure the color coordinates with your kitchen decor then using some eye hooks, decorative chain lengths and s-hook assemble your hanging rack.

This option will most definitely create a conversation starter in your kitchen. You can hang anything from your most valued pots to foods or even foliage.


All you need to pull this off is a full-length wooden ladder cut into sections, eye hooks and chain lengths.

This can be installed just like the gate. You can either use the entire length of the ladder or if you are working with a small space, cut the ladder into sections and wall mount the ladder. This allows you to get the full benefits of taking advantage of the narrow space in your kitchen.

Finding a wooden ladder can be hard to get your hands on. In the event this happens, you can easily go to your local craft store and use shorter wooden ladders that are still strong enough to keep your pots and pans suspended in the air.

Window Security Gates

This is a totally untraditional way of creating a hanging pot and pans rack, but it works!

Look at your local salvage yards or neighborhood hardware stores and find an iron security gate. You want to look for the kind that is used to cover windows. These gate sections have four corner tabs with holes used for attaching to an exterior wall. By using these instead of the eye hooks and chain, you can use this already made set up.

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