6 Free Business and Revenue Services Freelancers Should Use

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Freelancers, writers, photographers, designers, musicians, there are literally hundreds of different opportunities for these adventurous, self-employed individuals. While working for yourself can be very rewarding, there are also many drawbacks, and one of the biggest is wearing all the hats in the business. You must be both CEO and employee, marketing and sales, logo design and business card producer and many other company caps that need to be worn.

You don’t necessarily need to spend an inordinate amount of money on a variety of different business services since there are plenty of these options available online for free. Here are six of the best choices:


A provider of many free services for businesses, Shopify has a number of different no cost solutions for the solo entrepreneur.

Although very simplistic in design, they still do all the work for you, simply enter in all your information into their forms, upload your photo or logo and they will email your completed product directly to your email inbox.

They offer an invoice generator, QR code maker, shipping label templates and barcode generators. There is also an online loan for business calculator for those seeking business capital.

On the other hand, if you are in need of the real-time receipt processing reader, then go through one of the best devices on the market – TAGGUN.

Not only it easily integrates TAGGUN’s API to offer OCR and automated receipt scanning capability to your users, but TAGGUN can process receipts and invoices of any format too!


At their creative center, a leading manufacturer of business machines, Brother, offers more than a hundred different templates of pre-designed business promotional cards and brochures. They also give recommended choices for certain industries like event planning or landscape services. You can match your design, make and print accompanying letterhead, invoices, mailers and brochures. Using Brother’s business center will afford your services a seamless appeal with these matching printed products.


From planning to legal assistance, Score offers free templates for everything from confidentiality agreements to startup plans for businesses.

Find help in running and growing your business, advertising, marketing, financing, technology, management and more. They offer local workshops and online webinars on a wide variety of topics with experts on many businesses and legal matters.


The free Square credit card reader arrives in your mailbox with no contracts or commitments and similar to PayPal, you are only charged when you make a transaction.

Using your mobile device, iOS or Android, their securely encrypted service is available both online and off, delivering payments into your bank account within one to two business days.


While many have already heard of this popular marketing platform, it is still worth mentioning as possibly the best free emailing service.

On their free “entrepreneur” level, you can send up to 12,000 monthly email messages to 2,000 contacts. Using their customizable templates, messages and newsletters are professional and personalized, even on mobile devices.


While Google offers a place to check for the mobile friendliness of your web pages, at Gtmetrix you can insert your web address and they will analyse your vitally important load time and offer recommendations of ways to increase your speed and productivity.

Just as writers craft their wares with words, photographers work their magic with pictures freelancers don’t need to step outside of their realm to hire a team of professionals to assist them with business solutions that are available online.

Try some of these free options to boost your business, take payments and give yourself more time to do what you do best.

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