Where to Buy Vinyl Gloves in Vancouver

After the ban of powdered gloves in the medical industry by the FDA, vinyl gloves have become one of the most sought-after gloves in the market. Thanks to their powder-free nature, they do not cause an allergic reaction compared to their latex counterparts.

Coupled with their numerous uses, vinyl gloves are cost-effective and provide an adequate protection layer to healthcare professionals and those working in other lightweight industries. They are also stretchable and can withstand light pressure, thus preventing punctures, wear, and tear.

There is always a huge demand for vinyl gloves due to the benefits they are associated with and their approval for use by health professionals in medical practice. If you are looking forward to buying vinyl gloves in Vancouver, this guide will list the best places to buy them and provide other useful information you might need.

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  1. Medical Supplies Shop

First and foremost, we recommend buying your vinyl gloves from a medical supplies shop around Vancouver. This, however, mostly applies to health professionals who intend to use these gloves in their line of work. As mentioned earlier, medical examination gloves are classified as Class II PPEs.

The government and other health agencies strictly regulate class II PPEs. This means that the manufacture and sale of Class II PPEs, including medical vinyl gloves, requires a Health Canada’s medical device license.

There is a high probability that your local medical supplies shop is already licensed to sell Class II medical equipment. Thus, it is advisable to consult them first if you urgently need the vinyl gloves. However, if your need is not urgent, there are other legitimate options you can consider below.

  1. Order from an Online Store

The internet has a wide variety of inventory nowadays, and online medical supplies stores are no exception. From the comfort of your home or workplace, you can place an order of your preferred vinyl gloves in Vancouver.

Whether you’re looking to buy industrial or medical examination vinyl gloves in Vancouver, several stores can deliver to your doorstep within hours or days, depending on your preference. But there are several factors to consider before ordering online.

First, check and confirm if the online store is selling your preferred type of gloves. For example, if you intend to buy medical vinyl examination gloves, you should check and confirm they are selling this type of gloves. This also applies to lightweight industrial gloves.

Second, check the reputation of the online store you intend to buy from on the internet. You can do this by visiting customer review directories like Google Business or Yelp. Checking what other past customers have to say will give you an insight into the type of service to expect from the store.

Lastly, suppose you are buying medical examination vinyl examination gloves.

In that case, it is crucial to confirm if the online store acknowledges the Class II classification of the vinyl gloves according to Health Canada Standards. This is essential to avoid buying counterfeit products that will result in medical errors and possible lawsuits. Always remembers there is a high possibility of purchasing counterfeit products online if you are not diligent.

  1. Order from your Local Pharmacy

Some local pharmacies in Vancouver stock and sell powder-free vinyl gloves, and it is also a great idea if you consult them. Pharmacies are more often licensed to sell medical supplies, including small equipment such as medical examination gloves.

Before making a purchase of your vinyl gloves at your local pharmacy, remember to ask the specified use of the gloves they are selling. This will prevent you from losing time and money if you happen to buy the wrong type of vinyl gloves.

  1. Buy from a Local Hardware Store

If you intend to buy vinyl gloves for lightweight technical tasks, the best place to search is probably your local hardware store. Industrial use vinyl gloves are not strictly regulated and can be found in local shops, especially those dealing with technical stuff.

There is not much to consider when buying industrial vinyl gloves. But be sure to check if they are actually vinyl if you suffer from latex allergies for your safety.

What to Know Before Buying Vinyl Gloves in Vancouver

There are two types of vinyl gloves. One is the medical examination vinyl gloves, while the other is industrial vinyl gloves. Medical examination gloves are intended for medical professionals to use during medical procedures to prevent the contraction of viruses, germs, and bacteria to patients and practitioners.

Health Canada and the FDA have approved the vinyl medical examination gloves for medical practice use. These gloves are classified as Class II of PPE’s standard health equipment compliance.

On the other hand, vinyl industrial gloves are specially designed for use in lightweight industrial tasks. These can include food handling, customer service, avoiding oil contact with hands, and preventing hand chafing while working with static tools.

Be sure of the intended use before purchasing your vinyl gloves for the sake of your own safety. Also, consider the fact that disposable gloves come in various sizes. Be sure to choose the right size of gloves before buying to prevent oversize fitting, punctures, and tear due to hand misfit.

Tips for Proper Use of Disposable Gloves

After buying your disposable vinyl gloves, it is also essential to understand how to use them. First, you should always check if the gloves are ripped or punctured before using them to increase your safety.

Gloves with punctures expose you to an imminent danger of bacteria and germs exposure.

It is advisable to wash your hand before and after using disposable gloves. Gloves should not replace your hand washing routine because hands are exposed to germs before wearing and removing them.

Avoid touching other objects like your phone, doorknobs, among others, after using disposable gloves. Used gloves often contain strains of bacteria, germs, and viruses. This can lead to the rapid spread of these microorganisms to other people who touch the same objects.

Disposable gloves are only meant to be used once, after which they should be disposed of appropriately. Lastly, you must follow the right procedure of gloves removal after use to avoid self-contamination.



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