Did You Know You Can Buy Winter Jackets for the Homeless in Bulk? Find Out How Here

Always wanted to make an impact in your community? Homelessness is a growing crisis in the United States, with about 17 people out of every 10,000 homeless on any given night.

Sadly, the statistics are not so different in Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world. So, one of the best ways to give back to the community is by donating to the homeless.

That said, nights, especially in the winter months, are brutal for the homeless. Some do not make it through without warm apparel to protect themselves from the harsh weather. That is why, as you put together essential items to give to the homeless in your community, you should always include some winter jackets.

But a winter jacket can be a hefty investment, and as much as your heart is in the right place, buying a couple of them from the nearest store may not exactly be the best strategy.

You can buy winter jackets in bulk and at fair prices. How? And where? Find out about the benefits you will enjoy by purchasing in size in this article.

Benefits of Buying Winter Jackets in Bulk

You Can Help an Entire Homeless Family

The sad reality is that the lack of affordable housing and the high cost of living has forced entire families into the streets. These families often have children, who are especially hit by the cold of winter.

Simply donating one or two jackets to a family of four means that the older folk often sacrifice for the younger ones, but they, too, are at risk of developing health complications in the winter.

By buying in bulk, you will have enough jackets to give members of an entire homeless family. This way, you will have changed their lives for the better, and there will be no need to share or one member to give up theirs for another.

You Can Donate to More Individual Homeless People

Once you go onto the street or your local homeless shelter, you will likely be overwhelmed by just how many people need assistance. Now imagine you just have a few jackets you want to donate.

In such a case, you may end up saying no to some people as you just cannot help all of them. And, you may go home not feeling as positive as you thought you would feel.

However, you will have fine jackets to give out to more individual homeless people with a bulk purchase. So, even if you cannot reach every homeless person in your city, you will keep many people warm at night.

You Can Donate an Extra Winter Jacket to Each Homeless Person

Winter jackets are usually beyond what a homeless person can afford, especially given that the little they get in donations or minimum wage jobs go towards buying food. So, when the cold season hits, the one jacket they have serves them for both day and night.

They do not have the luxury of washing it when it gets dirty or leaving it to dry when it gets wet.

You can donate more than one jacket to a homeless person when you buy in bulk. That means they always have an extra one to change into or add on when it is extra cold.

Remember, most homeless people also lack warm blankets, and the extra jacket can serve as one. There are simply so many uses an additional winter jacket can provide a person in need.

You Can Make a Much Bigger Impact

Every little thing you donate counts, even if it changes just one homeless person’s life. However, what if you had a chance to make a much more significant impact?

Buying winter jackets in bulk will have an impactful change in the lives of many homeless people. You can reach a much bigger group of people and whole families too. So, instead of making small donations every day, you can make a big one occasionally and still leave a memorable impact.

And, if you own or run a local business, this can be a great idea for giving back to the community that supports your business.

You Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Apart from the personal satisfaction, you feel by donating to many homeless people, buying in bulk saves you money.

Yes, cost-effectiveness is the most significant advantage you get by buying wholesale.

Retail prices, especially for clothes and fashion in general, are often significantly marked up. So, when you buy several items at a time, it makes much more financial sense to buy in bulk rather than paying the actual retail prices. This way, you will purchase a massive number of products at a fraction of the regular price.

You will realize that you are saving enough to add other essential items to your donations when you add that up.

Where Can You Buy Winter Jackets in Bulk?

So, with all the benefits of buying winter jackets in bulk, the question now is, where can you buy them?

Several community-based websites allow you to buy in bulk for the homeless. A good example is Bags in Bulk, where you can buy jackets and a variety of other winter apparel.

Since these websites are centered around making a change in the community, they are usually more than happy to sell at discounted prices if you buy a specific number of items at a go. So, be sure to check them out.

Want to Make a Long-Lasting Impact on the Homeless? Buy Winter Jackets in Bulk

Winter jackets are a must-wear if you are not looking to freeze when you have to go outside during the winter. However, they are an essential item for colder or windy nights for the homeless.

So, donating jackets to them will change their everyday life. If you want to save money while also significantly impacting the homeless in your locale, you should buy winter jackets in bulk.





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