Buying a Fitness Band: 5 Things to Remember

Almost every sports enthusiast has their own fitness tracker these days but which one is right for you? Before making any decision you should ask yourself what your goal is and in what cases you wanna use your fitness band.

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We know exactly how overwhelming the decision-making process can be, that’s why we pointed out the most important things to consider before purchasing a dream fitness band.

Below you can find five essential points that can shorten the searching time and resolve your doubts about the fitness bands

Convenient features

With the growing fitness market, you can find thousands of fitness trackers with highly developed features but the point is to find the one that meets your expectations.

The basic features that your device should have are step counter, calories tracker, and heart rate monitoring. Then you can look for some additional features. If you can’t stay offline, get yourself a tracker that can alert you of incoming calls, texts, and social media feeds.

If your job stresses you too much, find a fitness band with a wellness reminder that can display your stress level. If you’re a swimmer or enjoy running in the rain, you should buy a waterproof one. It’s all about your needs.

Make sure to pick a good quality display

A good display plays a really important part of the searching process.

It’s an integral part of any fitness tracker which shows you all the information and lets you see your progress. If you want to interact with data, you should look for a big screen that stays bright during the day (some of them can highly affect your battery).

However, some people prefer a minimalistic screen in order not to get distracted during the workout. No matter if you choose a big or small screen, our tip is to pick the one that can adjust to the daylight, so your eyes won’t get tired while using it.

GPS is a must

If you’re a passionate runner or a cyclist, or you lose your things quite often, GPS literally is a must for you.

Fitness trackers with inbuilt GPS can give you an accurate measurement of road, distance, pace and elevation. Some fitness bands can pair with smartphones and get the exact GPS information but it means you need to carry your mobile while doing the workout.

Devices with GPS usually appear to be a bit more pricey so if you’re only focused on a calory metric, you don’t need this sort of navigation system.

Battery life is important

Imagine having your batterie’s life run out in the middle of the workout. It happens more often than you think and it’s totally understandable. Who would like to stop the run just to check the battery level? Well, you can prevent this kind of situation.

While choosing your fitness band you need to take into consideration that more features the band has, more battery is gonna run out.

It’s all connected to the number of sensors, GPS display – if it’s black or colored if it’s big or not how much data it shows, and other additional functions. Some of the upgraded models have a longer-lasting battery but it goes hand in hand with a much bigger price.

The basic fitness band can “stay alive” from days to weeks. Technologically advanced ones have a much shorter life, so if you go for long-distance runs regularly, don’t forget to check your battery level before.

Choose your style

Hopefully, you already have the list of your fitness band features.

Now it’s time to choose the one you feel the most comfortable with. It is really important that the device fits your wrist well and it doesn’t annoy you during the workout. Don’t go for heavy ones. Try to find a light device that you barely feel while wearing.

Thanks to the high competition on the market, you can choose from plenty of different designs, attractive colors, shapes of the screen, and types of trackers. Follow your style and pick the one you like!

Ready to purchase?

We hope you found our guide helpful. Remember, choosing the right fitness band doesn’t have to be so difficult.

The point is to match the device to your lifestyle, type of workout you like to do, and your personal needs. Depending on these requirements, you can make the right choice and enjoy your workout to the maximum. Good luck!

Jeff Campbell

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