The Advanced Guide to Buying A Property Abroad

Buying a property abroad can be a complex process to contend with in comparison, to purchasing a home on your doorstep. 

You can navigate the terrain with ease when you know what to steps you should be taking, to buy the house of your dreams in foreign climbs. 

Minimizing the Risks of Buying Property Abroad

You may be trying to grasp what steps you will need to take even to start the process.

So, here are a few helpful snippets of advice to hopefully direct you through the minefield on your horizon:

Financial and Tax Implications

Take account and budget for any additional costs or charges in both this country and the country where you are buying your property.

Beware of Developers and Pressure

Do not be drawn into the pressure from money-hungry developers. 

Seek out good independent advice, and get the support of a trusted friend or adviser.

Check All Paperwork

Obtain the necessary permissions, required licenses, and plan consent before you agree on contracts and agreements.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate could dramatically affect the value of your property purchase and can impact on any mortgage repayments or loans, making the buying unattainable.

Seek Legal Advice and Financial Support

Think carefully before rushing into any contracts and agreements, always seek independent legal and financial advice as recommended by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

Seek legal advice that is independent of; the seller, Developer or the Estate Agent involved. Try to make sure that the lawyer or legal adviser is fluent in both languages, and that they understand property law, specifically the country you are purchasing your property.

Be Mindful of Rules and Regulations

During the process of finding the house of your dreams in your chosen destination, be mindful of and rules and regulations, also consider dress codes, language, and cultural differences.

What may be acceptable in your country may not be in another country. 

What is The Shape of Your Home?

This may seem like a strange idea, but the shape or style of your house can say a lot about your lifestyle and may also say something about you.

So, whether you live in a flat, a bungalow or you’re looking at ranch homes for sale. You can explore the work of Feng Shui to make sure your home is flowing with harmonious chi and prosperity.

The shape of your rooms, the furniture you buy, decor, and right down to the colors you paint your walls can all say something about you, and may also divulge a little about your psychological makeup.

To learn more about how this may be able to help you discover your perfect shape home, read the link here.

You may discover a little bit more about your partner or housemate too.

Have fun in your house hunting, and remember to check everything before signing on the dotted line. Your home may be your castle, but you should make wise choices that add to your wallet and do not leave broke.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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