5 Benefits of Attending Summer Camp for Kids



People often recall fond memories of attending camp as children. It’s no wonder, with all of the new experiences and friends that can be made.

Although camp can be challenging as well as fun, it’s instrumental in helping young people build skills and their own identity in the process.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 ways camp for kids can be beneficial.

1. Breaking Through The Comfort Zone

Your child may enjoy staying inside playing video games, and that’s fine to a certain extent. But camp will open the door to a whole new range of experiences.

Camps often organize fun events or skill-building sessions to allow campers to discover their potential or hidden talents (like building a robot, for example.) Who knows, they may find a new hobby they keep for life!

2. Building Social Skills

If your child is a homebody, then going to camp with others their age in a sleep away camp can help them overcome this and learn to make new friends. They can also learn how to work together with others as a team to accomplish a goal.

By learning how to communicate with others more effectively, it can also help develop their conflict resolution skills. Developing empathy and respect for others are two other positive spinoffs.

3. Staying Active

Statistics show that almost 19 percent of the population between the ages of 2 and 19 are considered obese in the U.S. With that in mind, staying active and eating well can go a long way in combatting the issue.

Children may find themselves swimming, running, climbing, or biking at a summer camp. In any case, it can help keep kids fit and also benefit their overall mental well-being.

4. Developing Appreciation For Nature

As summer camps are primarily outdoors, it means less staring at walls and screens and more focus on natural surroundings.

Children in summer camp can learn the importance of the ecosystem and its various components. Kids might also learn skills like swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. And learning how to climb a tree is never a bad skill to have either!

5. Building Independence

Growing up, kids have many shared experiences through school. However, a summer camp for kids is largely unique to the individual. That means they might have their own experiences away from their regular friends that can help them discover themselves.

Not only that, but summer camps take kids away from their primary caregivers and into the watch of camp counselors. That allows kids to rely more on themselves to make decisions, while still being supervised.

Consider Camp For Kids

Attending summer camp for kids is ideal for helping them make new friendships and have experiences that can last a lifetime.

They’ll also possibly come away with new skills and interests, more confidence, and a greater sense of themselves!

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