Top 8 Car Maintenance Tips At Your Disposal

Cars are an essential part of the daily commute in Raleigh and thus it is essential to make sure that they are in good condition. To ensure their good condition, it is better to take them to Long Island car service centers for servicing and maintenance.

You can also follow the maintenance tips to ensure that your car is in good condition. Below discussed are some tips.

Brake pads

Brake pads are the main component of the braking system. You should always check them when you are ready to go on a long drive. You should always keep extra brake pads for an emergency so that you can replace them and prevent injury and accidents.

Tools required for replacing brake pads are lug wrench, hammer, c-clamp, Allen wrenches, jack, etc.

Oil change

You can easily change the oil in your car but you need to take certain precautions. Never change the oil of your car just after driving.

You need to wait for at least one or two hours because it is very hot. DIY oil change requires tools like a funnel, oil filter, ratchet, wrench, and new oil.

Radiator flush

You need to keep the radiators and cooling systems of your car clean to maintain the engine cooling. Radiators can deposit dust and debris, so the cooling system might clog.

You should flush the radiator regularly to maintain the performance of the cooling system. When you are ready to flush the radiator, first ensure that the engine is cool. Then remove the cap of the radiator.

Blown fuses

If the car’s headlights are off then there is a higher chance that a fuse is blown.

You need to replace the fuse. So, open the fuse box and check which fuse is blown. Normally, there are three types of car fuses like the blade, glass tube, or ceramic. If you are unable to determine the fuse type or fuse box location then take help from a mechanic.

Serpentine belts

If you need to layout the routing of the serpentine belt, you should check under the engine compartment or car’s hood.

To remove the serpentine belt, first, you should loosen and locate the belt tensioner. After installing the new serpentine, you must ensure that it is rooted in the same manner.

Radiator hoses

Radiator hoses are the main component to maintain the engine’s temperature and coolant system pressure. In case the radiator hose is worn out, it can lead to radiator leakage that reduces the coolant level making the car engine to heat up.

If you want to replace the damaged radiator hoses, check the lower and upper parts.

Car batteries

Car batteries are the main component of an electrical mechanism. When you are ready to replace the battery, you must wear eye protection gear and approved gloves to prevent acid damage.

Use a voltmeter to confirm that your old battery is charging properly. If the battery starts the engine lower than 9.7 volts, it means batteries need to be replaced.

Fuel filters

Fuel filters play an important role in maintaining the engine.

So, you should change them regularly. It helps to maintain the carburetor system and ensures that the fuel injection works properly. When you are ready to replace the fuel filter, you must ensure that you release the pressure of the fuel system because it can lead to injury or damage.

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