Tips For When You Fancy A Career Change

It can be different for everybody, but there may come a time in your work life where you fancy a career change. There may be multiple reasons for this change, but in order to ensure this move goes well, here are some tips for when you fancy a career change.

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Is It The Job Or Company You’ve Had Enough Of?

The reasons that someone moves into a different career can vary, but you first one to check that you are moving for the right reasons and not simply because you’ve become tired of the company.

To have a complete change of career is a big move and so you want to ask yourself whether you are wanting the change has come from the job or the company.

You may have started to hate the job that you do, and so that’s a pretty good excuse and want for another career option. However, you may have fallen out of love with the company you’re with instead. It could be a dislike towards your manager or other team members you work with.

There’s a lot more that’s required when you are changing careers, so double-check that you want to do it because it’s the job and not the company.

You could find the same job that you enjoy but within another organization. 

Check If There Are Any Jobs Internally

With your current job, there may be a lot that you are fed up of doing, whether that’s the monotonous daily tasks that you’re growing tired of or the lack of work that you are getting or that isn’t challenging you enough anymore.

A lot of companies, particularly those who have a larger amount of employees will likely have plenty of internal roles cropping up every so often.

There may be roles available that are a step up from what you are currently doing or maybe even an area of the company that you’ve always wanted to be involved in.

So it’s worth checking in with your company’s job board to see if there are any available jobs going that match your preferences. Internal recruitment tends to work a little different, and as an internal candidate, you might have certain skills, experience, and knowledge of the company that will put you above the rest of the candidates.

Do Your Research

Research is key when it comes to changing up your careers.

Changing a career is no easy move, and so you have to be prepared to put in the work and to find out what you might need in order to change your career path. You may need certain qualifications, or additional training and skills may need to be earnt in order to apply for the roles at the level you want.

Think about what you love and what industries might be of interest to you. This will form the basis of your research, and from there, you can look at what’s going to be a good fit for you. 

Take Time On Applications

The application stage of applying for a job can be pretty soul-destroying.

The reason for this is that you’re having to do a lot of cover letters for applications and some may ask you to fill in online forms that are just asking you to pull information from your CV and to embellish these into answers that they may just end up asking you again at the interview.

It’s going to be a tiresome process, but it’s important you take your time with all the applications. It’s not necessarily about the quantity but more about the quality that you’re producing. You want each application to be tailored to the company in question and not to be a blanket application. This is only likely to be rejected and sent straight to the no pile.

At this point, you want this to get you into the interview room because you’ll then be able to impress them with yourself. A piece of paper is all it is, but it’s essential that it stands out.

A career change is a fairly big move in your life but remember that it’s not something that is unique. A lot of people in their lifetime will realize that the career they went into is no longer for them and instead of being something that’s seen as a failure, it should be seen as a new chapter in your life.

Make sure it’s something you really want, do your research and take the time to apply.

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