Career Transition Myths To Avoid If Looking To Switch To IT

Changing careers in the middle of the road sounds like a tough decision. But it can be the key to reaching your professional goals. Not surprisingly, countless people find the courage to step out of their comfort zone and pick a new career field. But the move gets a tad more challenging when you have your eye set on an IT role. Several myths may stand in the way as they make the transition appear more difficult than it is. The best thing to do is know these myths and steer clear of them. Let us share a few you must stop believing right now.

Myth #1- You are too old to switch

A mid-career switch is more common than ever as professionals are open to the idea of doing things they love. Money, professional growth, and personal satisfaction are a few motivation factors that fuel the change. If you think age is a factor, you are mistaken. You are never too old to switch, and IT is not just for young people. The right mindset is the only thing you need to dive in.

Myth #2- You have to start from scratch

It is easy to believe that a move from a non-tech role to the IT domain requires starting from scratch. But there’s hardly any truth in the statement. You may not have the technical skills to initiate, but your soft skills give you a head start. If you are good at communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, adapting to the new role will be a breeze. Assess your current skills, and you will feel far more confident.

Myth #3- Learning is a massive challenge

Another misconception to avoid is that learning is a massive challenge when you move into the tech zone. The truth is that you do not need a STEM degree to embrace the new role. Enrolling yourself in an online IT career training program is a good option. You can pick a short-term course that gets you ready for the industry in a few months. Learning is a breeze as you can do it from anywhere.

Myth #4- Your income will suffer

Many people put off career transition only because they think their income will suffer down the line. But you need not stress about your income as it is possible to pursue learning and switch without cutting your current income. Online courses make it easy to get ready for a new role without leaving your current job. You can even gain hands-on experience by working on freelance assignments and picking volunteering opportunities.

Myth #5- You may fail

The last thing you should worry about is failure because statistics show an encouraging picture for people making career transitions to IT. You only need commitment, dedication, and motivation to stick with your goals in the long run. Also, pick realistic goals and timelines, find an ideal fit in IT roles, and create the right roadmap. You may face roadblocks, but failure is a distant possibility.

Career transition has a fair share of challenges and misconceptions, but these shouldn’t keep you from chasing your goals. Ditch these myths and move ahead with confidence!




Jeff Campbell