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Careers That Offer the Best Potential for Growth

No matter where you are in your career journey, it can be difficult to break into a new industry. Whether you are thinking about your college degree, have already graduated, or are looking to change careers, it can be hard to think about your career when you are just thinking about getting a job to pay the bills. Still, there are a few jobs that stand out as having the most potential for growth, even for newbies to the industry.

Preparing for Your Career

It takes time to be ready to enter a specific industry, no matter how many years of work experience you might already have. One way of speeding up the process a bit is to consider getting a relevant degree in the field. College can be expensive, so you will want to spend some time looking for college scholarships to offset the cost. Luckily, you can find and apply for scholarships online that offers personalized matching for scholarships and grants.

The Graphic Design Industry

If you can think visually or are talented with art, you could start work as a graphic designer. You will have the chance to use your skills to create beautiful and useful advertisements, magazines, websites, and social media. Of course, starting out will require you to accept a lower salary, but if you work on your career, you can start to move up to higher-paying positions. You might eventually work as a director for a marketing or media company at some point.

The Marketing Industry

Companies in all industries and specialties will need marketing specialists to help them continue to gain customers and keep them happy. As a marketing analyst, you might begin an entry-level position by crunching numbers for companies you are working with. There are lots of aspects of marketing, so there will be lots of chances for growth in this career. Many companies and brands need marketing specialists for things like advertising, retail programs, and marketing on social media. You can often earn more if you do the job well and bring in results. You might be able to work your way up to being a brand manager in just a few years. And at some point, you might be able to run the whole department.

The Computer Software Engineering Industry

Because of the specific knowledge you will need, you will likely need to plan out your career in this industry ahead of time. But even an entry-level software engineering position offers the potential for quite a bit of growth. That’s partly because of the increasing demand for electronics and programs to go with them. Once your skills start to grow and you gain more experience, you might be able to enter a management type of position. If you are a good engineer, you might be able to develop another piece of software or technology. At some point, you could even be the owner of your own tech startup. Because of how many possibilities the industry offers, there is almost no limit to the potential for growth.


Jeff Campbell