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An Athlete’s Guide to CBD Isolate: Uses, Effects, and Benefits

CBD is growing in popularity by the day. States are starting to legalize it more and organizations are starting to become more relaxed with their regulations over the beneficial supplement.

The wellbeing and recovery times of athletes are at an all-time high, but what are some CBD isolate uses and how do they play into helping athletes?

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What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD, cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid of a cannabis or hemp plant. CBD is one of the many different cannabinoids that are within cannabis or hemp but seems to have the most studies when it comes to be beneficial for anxiety, sleep, and inflammation.

CBD isolate means that there are no other cannabinoids present. This means you do not have to worry about any THC being in the supplement.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the cannabinoid that is in cannabis that creates the psychoactive effect, otherwise known as “getting high”. It is what is responsible for the euphoric and relaxed feeling associated with smoking marijuana.

And while not all CBD products contain marijuana or THC, some do, including marijuana cart products such as delta 8 THC cartridges which are getting more and more popular.

CBD isolate does not contain this, however. While CBD isolates still can help with relaxation, it does so without delivering that “high” feeling. It also takes out the risk of popping up THC on drug tests.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

The main benefit of using any CBD product is to help activate our endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulation over our sleep, anxiety, immune, and inflammation cycles.

While our body has the ability to utilize our endocannabinoid system, it does not typically do so effectively. This is why CBD was introduced as a supplement.

When the endocannabinoid system is activated, it seems to be responsible for creating anti-inflammatory cells in our body. Inflammation is common in athletes because of the constant stress they are putting on their bodies. Anytime we can reduce this inflammation, we are increasing our recovery rate and while decreasing downtime.

Athletes also need plenty of sleep to make sure their body is recovering at the best possible rate. Your body recovers the most while asleep because it takes this time to maximize your muscle protein synthesis. Introducing CBD isolate before bed can increase sleep quality, meaning your body can enter the recovery zone faster and for longer periods of time.

What Ways Can You Use CBD Isolate?

Using CBD isolate comes with the benefit of being in a plethora of different products. It can be found everywhere from a simple tincture, all the way to gum. Because CBD isolate is isolated from the other cannabinoids, it is much easier to mix into products compared to a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD.

The best way to use CBD isolate is by using a liquid tincture or powder. These liquid options allow for the best absorption rates compared to pills or gummies. This is thanks to their ability to not be digested in our stomach or small intestines.

Another great way for using CBD isolate is to use it in a balm or lotion. Athletes always have sore muscles after training or a game, and lotions can help target the specific muscles that are really feeling it.

Just a warning, CBD isolate does not smell the greatest unless it has been masked with other oils. No matter who you ask, they can usually attest to this.

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What Are the Side Effects of CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate has the benefit of having the most minimal side effects. The biggest win for CBD isolate is that it does not contain THC and that means it is usually okay for drug testing purposes.

Always check with your individual organization to ensure that CBD is allowed in the first place.

You also do not have to worry about the psychoactive properties of cannabis with CBD isolate. The THC has been completely filtered out and cannot get you “high”.

The only real concern about CBD isolate is that certain people can feel an increase in fatigue. This is because the body is now kicking it into high gear to try and bring down inflammation and anxiety.

Is CBD Isolate Legal?

CBD has been deemed safe in multiple studies, as long as the product has been tested. When looking for a company that contains CBD isolate, always ensure there is a QR code on the product or a test sheet linked to the online store. This shows you exactly where the product was tested and what the test contained.

Always check with your organization first as well. The NCAA does not classify CBD as banned, but THC and “marijuana” are. CBD isolate does not contain THC, but if you are not careful with the testing procedure and get a batch that does, it can pop up on drug tests.

The NFL and the NBA hold the same stance as the NCAA. This means that they impose the same fines and suspension risks if THC is in the system.

The MLB and NHL are both more relaxed on the subject. The MLB is not subjected to drug tests like the NFL and NBA are, unless otherwise prompted, and has a higher limit on the amount of THC that can be in the system. The NHL outwardly allows the use of cannabis and other THC products but discourages the players from using it, especially during game time.

CBD Isolate Uses: Wide and Plentiful

CBD isolate uses are going to continue to expand as more research is done on the products. Between inflammation and recovery times, athletes are going to see results that help them get back in the game faster than ever. Just be sure to check with your organization ahead of time to ensure it is okay.

If you want to learn more about CBD use and how to live your life to the fullest, be sure to check out our other articles. If you know an athlete that is lacking in recovery times, be sure to share this article with them.

Jeff Campbell