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CBD Oil For Horses That Suffer From Pain And Arthritis

Today most people are familiar with the claimed benefits that cannabidiol or CBD properties present to people and domestic pets. These include everything from the reduction of anxiety/stresses to the relief of chronic pain to the potential for aiding with tumor and cancer disease. What is less known is the fact that CBD may be beneficial to other species, one of which is the beloved horse.

Animal lovers enjoy incredible bonds with the pets they bring into their families, but that of the equestrian and the equine is like no other.

This animal is a complex, very intelligent species capable of a high capacity of emotion.

For the owner, witnessing any type of struggles in their health journey is difficult, bringing a reaction to employ whatever methods necessary to bring relief to their companion, albeit a safe treatment such as CBD products (click here for more info).

CBD Oil Treatment For Horses

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is making the rounds as a proven health benefit for a vast array of species.

The stigma that was associated with the compound is slowly beginning to diminish, allowing for more people to wonder how they can incorporate the natural, safe substance into their animal’s routine, including that of the horse, in order to improve the quality of its life.

The compound shows offering the ability to manage a large variety of medical benefits for horses.

Most of the studies that are on record have been done with humans and domestic pets in mind; however, with each passing day, more research is being incorporated into the effects for varieties of other species, including horses. Some properties that CBD offers include:

  • Management of pain
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved mood
  • Improvements in digestion and gastrointestinal issues

Typically, with horses and other large mammals, including farm animals or exotic breeds, narcotics are used in their care.

And believe it or not, but seizures are a common thing that CBD provides a huge benefit for. CBD has been proven to provide constant, long-term benefits for sufferers.

These offer harsh side effects, often causing symptoms worse than the actual condition brings. The CBD is a natural, safe alternative that deems no adverse effects but has the potential to bring relief from the symptoms associated with the illness.

It isn’t going to cure the illness, but it will make your horse comfortable in dealing with the symptoms that come with it. Go to for facts on effects on this species.

CBD For Arthritis And The Chronic Pain It Presents

A horse’s quality of life can be significantly impacted by chronic pain, which is not uncommon with their massive size making them prone to issues such as arthritis.

For competitive horses, this can ultimately lead to cases of lameness as they are under substantially higher amounts of physical stress.

In most situations, these animals are placed on prescription painkillers, but these leave harmful side effects that induce a sluggish, sedated sensation.

CBD can relieve instances of chronic pain minus the sedation. In studies with mice, there were positive effects in chronic cases of pain and also evidence to show support for its impact on other animals such as dogs and cats.

The properties of CBD seem to reduce swelling around the joints, which relieves the pressure and the pain of the horse’s joints.

The compound is noted to also have the potential to target pain receptors within the brain blocking them from activation. The pain signals in the horse’s body for which neurons are sending messages are blocked, meaning the horse doesn’t feel it and allows the animal to be active without any problems.

For equine that is truly in physical demand these important things to know.

Deciding Whether To Give A Horse CBD

If your horse suffers from arthritis or navicular pain or if they are involved in a physically demanding lifestyle, you should consider instituting CBD oil as a means to improve the animal’s quality of life. The claim is that CBD boasts being safe for animals, but as with any pet that you love in this capacity, you need to be sure it’s right for their routine.

Always make a consultation with your horse’s holistic vet before you administer any sort of supplement, medication, treatment, or CBD oil.

The vet is someone who is on your side in taking care of your friend. A professional can tell you where to begin the dose, if it will interact with other medications, and if there is any underlying condition at which it needs looking.

It’s crucial to deal with a vet that you typically work with, so the animal is familiar, and you are as well.

CBD oil is the optimal way to administer the compound to a horse via treats or feed or even via topical solutions. Be cautious in ensuring that the product is specifically for the horse species with a high purity level, so there are no additives or pesticides in the oil.

Once you see an improvement in the pony’s behavior or demeanor, you’ll know he or she is on the right track to a better quality of life.

Jeff Campbell