Things You Need To Know When Changing Your Name

Many people in the world want to change their name. This usually happens when they get married, get divorced, are at a security risk, or they just want to do it. Either way, changing your name is a really big step, so you should think twice before taking it.

Changing your name will not only reflect the way people see you but will also change the way you see yourself. This is because by change your name, you change your identity and erase part of your life. And, that can affect you emotionally. But, if you are sure you want to do it, here are several things you should know about it.

You Need A Birth Certificate

In order to be able to change your name, you will first need your birth certificate. It’s because this document contains all relevant information about you, such as parents’ names, place, date, and time of birth, your name, and so on.

This information is important especially in terms of your place of birth because different countries in the UK have slightly different rules regarding name changing. For instance, you should do your name change Scotland if your birth is registered in this country.

That means going by their laws and procedures. If not, make sure you have found the right procedure before applying.

You Need A Deed Poll

Once you have your birth certificate, you will need a Deed Poll.

This is the document that proves your name change and the one you use to notify all relevant bodies about your new name. The good thing about Deed Polls is that you longer have to go to a certain institution and wait for your documents.

Now, you can simply apply for a Deed Poll online from a certified Deed Poll provider. This not only is easier but it saves lots of time and money. Actually, getting a Deed Poll is so easy that it has just 3 steps:

  1. You apply for your Deed Poll by leaving your personal information, such as name, phone, address, and email.
  2. You pay for the Deed Poll using your credit or debit card, PayPal, as well as other supported cards.
  3. You order your Deed Poll. You can expect to receive it in a couple of days, directly to your doorstep.

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You Should Purchase Additional Copies Of Your Deed Poll

When ordering your Deed Poll, it’s a good idea to order additional copies, referring to duplicate, certified, and legalized (if needed) copies.

This is because some of the institutions, such an HM passport office, DVLA, and some banks, might ask for the original Deed Poll, not the photocopy. If you have only the original, you will have to notify each institution or organization one by one which will be much complicated and time-consuming.

In order to avoid that, you can send the duplicate or certified copies to those institutions/organizations. And, you can do it all at once, which will save you lots of time. If you aren’t sure about the meaning of these copies and the difference between them, here’s a short definition for each:

  • Duplicate copies are in fact the same as the original, not copies. Therefore, you need to sign and witness all of them when doing that with the original Deed Poll.
  • Certified copies, as the name tells itself, are photocopies of the original Deed Poll. However, in order to be used as a relevant proof, they have been certified by a solicitor, a notary public, or another legal commissioner as the true copy of the original.
  • Legalized copies are also photocopies of the original Deed Poll. But, they have been legalized in order to be valid and used abroad.

You Need To Execute Your Deed Poll

Once you receive your Deed Poll along with the other copies (if you have purchased them), you need to execute them.

This means you have to sign and witness your Deed Poll. When signing the Deed Poll, make sure you have signed all duplicate copies, if included. In order to witness your Deed Poll, it has to be signed by someone. The witness has to be someone who is 18 or older, knows you but it’s not a family, a partner, or living in the same house with you.

You Need To Notify All Record-holders

Once you have executed your Deed Poll, you have to notify all relevant institutions and organizations which hold your records.

These include national institutions and agencies, banks, DVLA, your doctor, and dentist. You should also notify your employer, finance companies, service providers, and all bodies that hold your records.

As it can be noticed, changing your name is a pretty easy and straightforward process. It’s not complicated as it was in the past. But, on the contrary, it’s something you can do in several minutes and without leaving your home. Also, remember that if you move abroad, the full requirements to change one’s legal name will vary from country to country, state to state, and county to county. That’s why it’s important that if, for example, you live in the USA that you check with your local court clerk to find out your state’s requirements or visit websites like to get more information.

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