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Top 7 Cheapest Private Jet Charters

If you would love to travel, hiring a private jet on the cheap is what most people prefer. Sounds surprising, but a private jet is a smart investment. Cheap private jet charters offer luxurious amenities with a wide range of travel destinations for your future trips. Whether you plan a vacation with your friends, family, or colleagues, or travel for a business purpose, booking a private jet will always be a better choice. Here are the details of the top 7 cheapest private jet charters.   


Working day and night, the Villiers networks designed more than 10,000 aircraft across 40,000 destinations globally. They provide twenty-four-hour service and are one fingertip away from your call. Despite providing quality assistance at high expenses, they are catering to all the lavish facilities of their clients. Moreover, their prices vary according to seats or destiny. From New York to New Orleans, the flight prices cost for three hours $8,944 for a jet with eight seats and $34,523 for a ten-seated one. Whenever you want to spend your vacation with your family, friends, and even colleagues, the Villier Jets are ready to drop you off without any delay. 


Owners of “Private Jet Finder” mainly provide their services to business owners, corporate executives, and business travelers who love to travel alone. Their innovative business spread worldwide, reaching over 170 different countries. People will easily find out about their cheap private jet services on the website, or else they are available twenty-four hours on call and provide guidance in their journey. Even though they facilitated the elite class, they offer cheap price rates to their customers. The charges differ according to persons from New York to New Orleans.

. $14,100 for 5 to 9 people 

. $20,000 for 6 to 10 people

. $30,600 for 8 to 18 people


This company is well-known because of its unique transport method. Basically, Linear Air is an air cab, especially for regional travelers. Unlike wasting time waiting for taxis, booking “linear air” is the best option. With multiple facilities upon arrival and departure, they maintain a strong link between the customer and the Airline Company. People can get flights to Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe. In addition, you can select a luxury jet, an air taxi, or a business class turboprop, depending on your destination, convenience, and several seats. The average cost of three to eight seats is around $2,000. The “Linear Air” charter service is one of the splendid jet services that ensure the safety and protection of their buyer.


Many people love the services of “Lucky Jets”. Not only do they provide private flights to Las Vegas and from Las Vegas, but they also provide after-flight services such as the availability of casinos, delivering luggage to the rooms, and whatnot. If anyone decides on their vacation in Las Vegas, Lucky jets are here for them. They help people to find out best hotel and resort deals in Las Vegas. They are available all the time to facilitate people and give a very warm welcome to them.


Surf air is the most flexible and convenient charter service for the people. The good part of this charter service is that they are providing monthly provisions based on a monthly budget. They are offering plenty of memberships at the cheapest prices, which costs almost $199 a month. Unlike the other local charter services, the “Surf Air” expands its services to every airport in the United States to serve more people in more places. By availing of “Surf Air” services, people can save around 2 hours every trip by skipping overfull airports and giving you direct flight. Also, they are giving flexible schedules to their customers without any cancellations and delays.


Vida jets charter services are one of the leading consulting services and brokerage charter jets available all around the world. After listening to people’s demands and queries, the “Vida Jets” will understand the requirements and be ready to fulfill them. The experts will provide guidelines in every step of the progressive journey and organize every detail of the trip. Almost 6000 fleet networks are working under their guidance, around 5134 cities they have visited, and an average of 12835 are happy flyers of Vida Jets. Customers are happy to select the Vida Jets charter services for them, as they know they are the ones who fulfilled their expectations.


The “Stratos Jet” charter service is one of the cheapest jet charters but a very influential one. Their comfortable and luxurious amenities, transfer arrangements, and the availability of twenty-four hours are what make them a remarkable service provider. This jet can carry 6 people at a time over 380 knots and travel as far as 1350NM. Whenever people need them, they are here to take to people driving from Los Angeles to Sonoma or wherever you want. 

These are the top 7 cheapest private jet charters, but there are several more you can get yourself aware of. These days, when travel becomes the most expensive activity, private jets make it possible to travel worldwide. Despite using local transport, cheap private jets is the life savior for most the people. With the continuous guidelines on the journey, the jet owners facilitate you with limitless lavish facilities, which you will never regret. 


Jeff Campbell