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Top Techniques To Encourage Your Children To Drink More Water Daily

As an adult, you can understand the benefits of water and drink it, even if you don’t feel like drinking it! However, it is not the same for children. They generally don’t understand the health implications of drinking water and prefer to have something that tastes fantastic.

That is why so many people drink fizzy sodas, although thankfully this rate is starting to decline. The simple fact is that a large proportion of the human body is just water. Replenishing your water regularly ensures your body remains hydrated and healthy.

While water may not always be the first choice of drink, there are ways you can make it more appealing to your children.

Revise the Flavor

Did you know that the flavor and odor of water are artificially introduced? It is a result of chlorine and fluoride being added to the water. These chemicals kill parasites in the water and help to strengthen teeth. However, they also change the flavor and create the odor that you recognize.

You can remove these chemicals by using reverse osmosis filters, ro filters reverse the natural process of osmosis and encourage all minerals to stay in the water, allowing pure water through and out of your faucet.

The change in flavor can make it more appealing to your children. Of course, the fact that research suggests a link between these chemicals and several diseases is another good reason to invest in a water filter.

Add Fruit

Most children will have certain flavors they prefer. You can infuse your water with these flavors by adding some fruit. It is possible to put any fruit, or even vegetables in the water. The longer they are in the more infused the water will be.

Your child will like the taste and be drinking healthy water.

Go Small

It can help a child to drink water if they have a small water bottle. This is easier for them to hold and less challenging for them to drink. You can even look for water bottles with wide mouth openings, which makes it easier for kids to drink out of. Smaller water bottles are great for when you are heading out. But, you can also purchase a small cup just for them.

Make sure they know how to use the faucet or water dispenser and they will be happy to do it themselves.

Create Rewards

Incentives are always a good way of getting children to do something. All you have to do is create a reward system if they drink a certain amount of water per day. You can track rewards with stickers and build up to a big prize, such as a special family trip. Your children will love the incentive.

Do It Yourself

You can’t expect your child to drink water unless they see you doing it. That means making sure you drink water every day and that your child sees you doing it. Don’t make a big fuss about drinking water, your child will notice and react accordingly.

This can even be applied when you go out, get water for the whole table. It is healthy and generally much cheaper than any alternative.



Jeff Campbell