5 Reasons Your Children Should Grow Up With Pets

The dictionary defines a pet as any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for affectionately. That gives a clear indicator that a pet can do wonders for your family. Get kids in the picture, time after time leading reports have shown that having a pet in the household increases the kid’s well-being and help in the well-rounded development of the family and the child as well.

However, often many people find reasons to not opt for pets due to the increased work, or they have the notion that getting a pet in the household may adversely affect the general well-being and the health of a child.

Well, I’m here to break these stereotypes and show you that having a pet is nothing short of adorable, and it just may be the best decision that you have made so far!

Why Should Your Children Grow Up with Pets?

  1. Your pet teaches your child responsibility.

Any existing pet owner will tell you that having a pet, although very rewarding, is not an easy job. With pets, come responsibilities. Whether it is taking care of their diet, taking them for walks, feeding, and bathing them on time or just generally giving your pet some time, having a pet calls for a part-time job as well.

In between all of this, if your child learns to take care of these things, not only will they understand the importance of taking care of another being but also understand and learn daily important chores.

Once the attachment sets in, your child is encouraged to take care of your pet without you telling him to do so.

  1. Pets increase immunity and the overall well-being of a child.

Due to the overly active nature of most pets and their ability to go into different environments, pets often create a very safe and healthy sphere for all the members and the general household.

A study conducted in Finland found that children raised with a pet had fewer incidences of respiratory and ear infections and were also prescribed fewer antibiotics. Scientists believe that pets help your child’s immune system mature more rapidly.

Having said that, you must ensure that your children, as well as your pet, have all the appropriate vaccinations necessary for the appropriate upbringing and safe environment. You can contact your local vet for a comprehensive list of the various types of vaccines available.

  1. Having a pet is loads of fun!

Picture this, a weekend picnic in the hills, by the lakeside. All of those weekend trips will become even more fun once you get a pet in the picture.

Not only do you get a cuddle buddy, but you also get a travel buddy.

Have a pet and kid interact and play with each other is a lot of fun to watch and to get in on the fun as well.

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But there’s nothing quite like dog portraits to commemorate your dog.

  1. Pets help the child in times of anxiety, stress, and also loneliness.

In a growing child’s life, there always comes a time when the child feels stressed and lonely. In those times, the only being that can penetrate the aloof behavior of your child is a furry little pet.

A pet’s friendly and outgoing nature might be the break that your child has been waiting for. Researchers in Poland studied the impact of keeping dogs or cats at home on the social development of 530 children 4-8 years old.

Those children with pets had higher scores in pro-social behavior and self-reliance than those without pets.

A study in Germany found that children 6-17 years old with diagnoses of anorexia, bulimia, anxiety disorder, and autism had improved behavior with a therapy dog than without one. Do you really need another reason to have a pet at home?

  1. Pets force the family to be together and enjoy their time with one another.

Any activity that involves a pet requires a whole lot of teamwork and hence makes the entire family come together. Whether it is walking the pet, playing with it, or even the cleaning a pet has a greater chance of getting your family together at every set more than anything else.

Even something as simple as taking the dog for a walk together or telling a funny story about your cat can help build and strengthen the family bond.

Whether it is teaching your child sharing, having an active childhood, or teaching the whole family compassion, welcoming a pet into your home is really just adding another member to your family. A family member who will provide you and your child with unconditional love and the friendship you never knew was missing from your life.

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Jeff Campbell

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