3 Ways Explain To Children What the Internet of Things Means

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has become a go-to conversation starter in the workplace as well as outside of it. IoT is a concept with the potential to change the way we operate electronic devices at home and in the workplace. But what exactly is the Internet of Things? Since children are the future, we need to find a way to explain this concept to them in a way that makes sense to a young mind.

It’s no doubt that there are a lot of complexities that surround the concept of IoT. However, sticking to the basics, ensure kids understand what you’re talking about. You cannot have a conversation with kids about the technicalities of IoT when they’ve barely grasped its foundation.

Consider introducing IoT to your kids as you help them with their computer science homework. This is a good place to begin because science and technology are closely related.

1.     Begin with the Basics

Put simply, the concept of IoT is striving to connect every device with an on and off button to the internet. This includes household appliances like lamps, coffee makers, refrigerators, washing machines, and iron boxes, to mention a few.

Using things in your immediate environment to illustrate makes it easier to understand. But don’t go without mentioning devices in office setups like copiers and printers. You can also go as far as including automobiles and airplanes. The aim here is to ensure the child is not overwhelmed by information. Use wearable devices like wristwatches to bring the concept closer to home.

Make your audience understand that IoT is a concept that represents a giant network of connected devices. This is pretty easy to explain because all you have to do is draw them a picture of the households in the neighborhood and how many devices each household possibly has.

2.     Explain what impact IoT will have on the World

Once you explain how IoT will connect everything that can be connected, you need to help kids understand why the world would need so many connections. In this instance, you’ll need real-life situations to help your audience understand the value of this level of connectivity.

Imagine you’re going to work with a vehicle that has access to your calendar. You cannot underestimate the convenience this enables in you. Many people report to work, not knowing the meetings they have scheduled for the day.

With IoT, you can drive to work with the knowledge of the appointments you have for the day. One can even use their vehicle to send a text to inform your secretary that traffic is heavy and they might be late by a few minutes.

With the connectivity IoT enables, you people can multitask without supervising every activity. Imagine your alarm clock notifying your coffee maker to start brewing coffee the minute it goes off.

3.     How to make it a Reality

IoT can be made a reality by leveraging broadband internet, which gives everyone across the globe access to the internet. It can only be a reality when every device that can be connected has access to the internet.


There you have it, three ways to explain to children the concept of the internet of things. As conversations about the IoT are happening, the best we can do is get educated in preparation for its launch.

Jeff Campbell

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