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The Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing A Local Plumbing Service

Most people don’t think about hiring a plumber until an emergency occurs, such as an overflowing toilet or a broken pipe. However, another reason you might be looking for a local plumbing service is to update your kitchen or bathroom or to complete a home remodel. Whatever your reason, answer these questions when hiring a plumber to ensure that you get exemplary service.

Experience and Education

You want to review the experience and education when choosing a plumber. They don’t need to have an Oxford degree, but they need to be a licensed plumber and insured. If you go with a new company and have limited experience, you may save some money. However, a more knowledgeable plumbing service might give you more comfort that your home and family are in the right hands. 

References and Reviews

What does a previous customer have to say about their experience working with the local plumber? If you’re unsure what to look for, check out reviews on sites like Google Local and Yelp. These reviews offer insight into how the local plumber worked with customers and whether they did quality work that satisfied them. Also, use your online search engine of choice to look for information about the local plumber.

Your Homeowner’s Insurance or Warranty 

You want to check your homeowner’s insurance or warranty for plumbing coverage. This step will let you know if your policy pays for the claims or if they’re covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, such as an appliance that stopped working correctly. In some cases, you may find partial payments are available from both your insurance and an extended warranty. Your licensed plumber should provide you with a certificate of insurance to verify their coverage when they do the work. 


Be sure that you review all available plumbing services offered by the local plumber. You might need some essential advice and minor repair work, or you may require extensive repairs. Make sure the service covers your needs before thoroughly reviewing their work and requesting an estimate. If they don’t offer what you need, you’ve wasted your time.

Remember, a little research can go a long way. Researching the local plumber before signing a contract is one of the best ways to ensure your satisfaction with their work. It also increases confidence that you’re getting high-quality service at a reasonable price. 

Once you’ve chosen the plumber, be sure to review your contract. Make sure that any verbal agreements and work requirements are in writing before they start the project. This simple step will ensure everyone is on the same page and no one has any misconceptions about how long it’s going to take or what needs to be done. 

No matter why you need a professional, choosing the right local plumbing services is vital to getting the job done right the first time. Making an error in judgment can be costly and stressful. To learn more about how Wixon Gas and Heating can help you, contact us today. 

Jeff Campbell