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7 Amenities You Can’t Miss While Choosing an Apartment For Rent

It’s 2022!

In this fast-paced world, only choosing an apartment isn’t enough!

Let’s get this straight!

Do you want to dwell in a unit wherein you regularly face security issues, electricity faults, and parking hassles?

Well, absolutely not!

This is where the importance of amenities comes into play!

If you are looking for an apartment for rent with high-end facilities, you won’t go wrong with Kasa Living. With a multitude of facilities like dedicated parking, 24*7 power backup, pet-friendly units, and more, you can choose fully-fully-furnished apartments for rent.

Before choosing an apartment for rent, don’t forget to look for these amenities beforehand.

  1. Don’t Overlook Well-Furnished Units:

A furnished apartment may appear to be a wonderful convenience, but the rent is substantially higher. If you aren’t planning on remaining on the property for an extended period, a furnished unit is the best option. 

If you’re moving to a city for a short-term internship or job assignment, a furnished apartment can save you money and time by eliminating the need to buy or move furniture

  1. Pet-Friendly Apartments

We can’t afford to give up our four-legged pals every time we move. Pet-friendly apartments are always preferable, especially for families with children. The kids will eventually persuade you to purchase pets for them. It’s not enough that your apartment complex allows you to keep dogs. Open spaces are required so that your pets can enjoy enough exercise and fresh air.

  1. Prioritize Internet Access

Some homes include internet connectivity as part of the rent or charge a fee for it. This is acceptable (provided the connection is stable), but it should not be your decisive factor. You’ll be alright as long as a well-known internet service provider provides dependable service to your neighborhood. Just make sure to inquire about which providers other renters use and whether they are satisfied with the service.

  1. Consider Safety Features

To live comfortably in a rented property, you must feel protected. Security officers must be on duty 24 hours a day, CCTV must be monitored, fire safety measures must be implemented, and warning signs must be posted. The corridors within the building and the communal areas must be brightly illuminated and protected by CCTV surveillance. 

All visitors must be kept track of and recorded. You are better off than living in an individual home if the apartment has controlled entry such as video, biometric, or carded access.

  1. Uninterrupted Water Supply

Water is life, and having an uninterrupted water supply is one of the most important apartment features to consider when purchasing one. However, most major cities have recently experienced water scarcity, and apartment dwellers find it difficult to obtain a sufficient clean water supply. So, before you choose an apartment, check sure there is a backup water source in case of a water shortage.

  1. Play Area for Kids

You can’t keep kids caged up in the house for long periods. Their ability to move freely and engage in physical activity is crucial to their overall development. As a result, a separate play area for youngsters is essential. Unless your apartment is specifically designed for older adults, this is an important factor to consider while evaluating your options. These days, most modern house plans incorporate a sandpit, swings, and other toys for toddlers.

  1. Ask for Elevator Facility

If you live on the second floor, you might not notice the lack of an elevator (until on moving day), but don’t kid yourself: living on the tenth floor of a walk-up isn’t exactly “a wonderful way to remain in shape.” You’ll be enraged and fatigued every time you have to climb Mount Everest simply to get to your unit.


Whether you’re seeking to rent for a week or a month, you’d expect to have access to the same level of amenities and services.

Even if you consider apartment amenities to be optional, there’s no disputing that they make your life easier and more comfortable.



Jeff Campbell