Tips for Choosing the Ideal Suitcase for Your Plane Trip

Did you take advantage of our airline ticket promotions and is the trip coming? Have you prepared your travel shoe bags? Time to pack! Want help choosing a good travel bag, plus tips on models, sizes, brands and more? This post is for you! First, it is important to understand that when traveling by plane, passengers can take hand luggage in the cabin, in addition to the option of checking luggage.

What is hand luggage?

Hand luggage is the one that goes with you in the cabin of the plane. It can be one of those small wheels or even a backpack, as long as respecting the sizes and weight limits allowed in each company.

This is where you must transport your valuables, always taking responsibility for them. On flights, 10 kg of hand luggage is insured at no additional cost, but in other countries, the rule may be different.

Pay special attention to the maximum dimensions established for hand luggage.

Currently, airlines, control the size of handbags, forcing customers with non-standard measures to return to check-in and check baggage. And the cost of buying luggage at the airport is always higher than the advance purchase.

Prices will always vary with the type of product selected. Still, it is important to keep in mind that there are luggage that cost almost a thousand dollar, with more expensive and more resistant materials, as well as very good bags that will not exceed $ 400. It is up to you to evaluate how much you are willing to invest for transport your things on trips.

Hand luggage models

In the case of hand luggage, it is important that it is light and complies with the maximum dimensions defined by ABEAR mentioned in this post.

Checked baggage models

Checked baggage can be medium, large or extra-large. Consult only the maximum dimensions accepted by the airline you are traveling with. Most stores follow the international industry standard.

In both cases, these are just a few examples that we find among the best-selling products on the market. As we pointed out, the choice is personal and depends on your need, budget and the quality of the material you plan to buy.

Tips for choosing a travel bag

1. If possible, escape from the little black dress

Remember that it can be very useful to choose a bag color different from the conventional black one when buying your travel bag.

This is because black is a “standard color”, making it easier to confuse bags at the airport, causing inconvenience. Still, if you really choose the black bag, remember to put something in it to differentiate yourself from the rest. It can be a tied scarf, some sticker, or even those identification tags.

2. The 3 in 1 kit can be worth it

In some cases, it is possible to find offers for suitcase kits with a small one (hand luggage), in addition to another medium and large one, which must be dispatched. Buying the three together the price can compensate more than buying the three individually.

Not to mention that it is always good to have options at home.

3. Don’t cling to your suitcase

It seems strange to say that, but it is true: don’t get attached to your suitcase. Considering the affection that airport employees have for our luggage when loading and unloading the plane, there is a real chance of suffering some damage. A good tip in this regard is to bet on sturdy and cost-effective suitcases.

4. Take advantage of promotions

The suitcase market is known for working with high margins.

Therefore, it is possible to find promotions with up to 50% or even 60% discount, especially when exchanging collections and burning stock. Except that these offers usually happen after the school vacation period (December, January, and July), when most people have already traveled and the demand for luggage has decreased considerably.

So, to save more the ideal is to get ahead and leave the suitcase stored for the next trip.

5. Buying travel bag in the United States

If you are going to travel to the United States, you can take the opportunity to buy your suitcase directly at the destination, to carry your extra purchases back. At Miami or Orlando outlets you can find hand luggage at great prices, for around $ 20.

And you, have any tips to give when buying a travel bag? Comment below and help other readers!

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