Choosing the Right Cannabis for you: 9 Factors to Consider

Cannabis products come in different strains and names. With almost a thousand varieties of cannabis on the market, selecting the ideal strain for your needs can be pretty daunting.

Even the color of cannabis can change from plant to plant, and often indicate entirely different meanings and effects!

People use cannabis products for different reasons. While some have the intention of experiencing the legal and the safe high, others want to feel more relaxed, energetic, and creative. Cannabis is also loved for its medicinal benefits. Chemical compounds in medical cannabis also known as cannabinoids help to reduce pain, anxiety, and even symptoms of schizophrenia.

Cannabis is legal for medicinal purposes in the majority of the states, which means that if you live in Alabama, you can get a medical marijuana card to treat your condition.

Whatever the reason, it’s vital to consider the effects of the cannabis products will have on you. This article will delve into some of the factors to consider when determining the ideal cannabis for your needs.

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1. Understand the Type of Strain and its Origin

Each cannabis strain has a unique odor, appearance, and effects. The cannabis strain you pick depends on what effect you desire.

Research shows that cannabis also offers plenty of medicinal uses. However, not all strains are ideal for every condition. The four common strains include Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and Ruderalis. They originate from different regions, possess different features, and affect individuals differently.

2. Cost is a Vital Factor

Cost is another factor to consider before choosing the right cannabis for you. If you are on a budget, it might be pretty tricky for you to get a cannabis product regularly. Since many cannabis strains are costly, some people cannot afford them all. 

However, you can still enjoy budgetbuds, which are relatively affordable. Though available in lower ounces, most dispensaries strive to bring cheap weed to budget-conscious people.

There are cheap buds that go for less than $120. For example, with as little as $13 or less, you can get a gram of cannabis such as the pineapple express, the death star, pennywise, and the ATF. 

3. Consider the Source

Buying a cannabis product from a reputable weed dispensary is very important. You will get quality cannabis if you purchase from a trusted source.

Luckily, there are many well-regarded places to get cannabis that are totally legal, either with a medical card or on their own.  And north of the US border, there are many recreational dispensaries that are among the very best anywhere.

Most illicit markets mislabel the cannabis flower intentionally or accidentally.

Sometimes, the name of the strain can tell what the strain will do for you. For instance, strains with ‘Haze’ are likely to be more energizing while a product with ‘Purple’ in the name, is potentially sedative. However, this is not always the case, which means you need to be extremely cautious and vigilant.

Be sure to get all the product information from your supplier. The medical legalization has instituted rules and regulations that help ensure that you’re getting what you pay for and that your products have been tested.

4. Your Consumption Amount Matters

If you are starting to experiment with cannabis, start with small portions, and gauge your body’s reaction to it. When you take different strains and combinations, monitor your reactions after each trial.

Consider starting with products that have low levels of CBD and THC as you study how your body responds. Document how you react both mentally and physically after each trial and use this information to help determine the next best combination for you.

Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to help you control your intake. Cannabis strains that contain higher levels of cannabinoids are likely to be too potent for a first-time user. Over-indulging is also harmful, especially to beginners.

Since cannabis interacts with the central nervous system and the brain of people differently, its effects on individuals also vary. Physiological factors, including age, gender, genetics, and body type, play a crucial role in how cannabis will affect you. 

Also, the non-physical factors such as mood, personality, consumption time, and mental health conditions determine whether the product will be helpful or harmful.

5. Check the THC and the CBD Content

Cannabis plants contain plenty of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. The two main compounds include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).    

The tetrahydrocannabinol is the component that causes the high effects and it can be found in different cannabis products. Cannabis edibles with high levels of THC cause a wide range of effects, including euphoria, increased appetite, anxiety, and fatigue. The higher the levels of THC content in a product, the higher the likelihood of causing intoxication.

Cannabis edibles with high levels of THC are generally used for both recreational and medical purposes. Edibles with negligible amounts of THC are mostly meant for medical purposes. Always check the label first to understand the THC percentage in the product you want to buy.

Pick products with a higher ratio of CBD to THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) can also affect your mind and body, but it’s not as intoxicating as THC. CBD has the potential to offset the effects of THC when they are combined in similar amounts.  

6. Consider the Flavor of the Product

Cannabis has over 100 terpenes that produce combinations of aromas and flavors. The smell and taste of terpenes can range from spicy, woodsy, to citrusy sweet. This gives each cannabis strain a unique aroma and flavor. Use your sense of smell to determine the best flavor that appeals to you and the products that might be best for you.

Cannabis has over 100 terpenes that produce combinations of aromas and flavors. The smell and taste of terpenes can range from spicy and woodsy, to citrusy sweet. This gives each cannabis strain a unique aroma and flavor. Interestingly, you can also purchase terpenes from Finest Labs, so that should help you to explore which you like best. Use your sense of smell to determine the best flavor that appeals to you most and the products that might be best for you.

7. Decide on the Desired Intake Method

Different ways and means of consumption affect people differently. Since cannabinoids enter your bloodstream differently, the onset, as well as the duration of the effects, differs with each method you use.

For example, if you inhale it through smoking or vaping, you’ll start feeling the effects in 5 to 15 minutes, and residual effects can last potentially 6 to 8 hours. On the other hand, ingestion through eating or drinking takes 30 minutes to 3 hours to take effect, and residual effects last up 8 to 12 hours. 

Edibles such as gummies, mint, and even truffles are some of the CBD products that are chewed. They take up to 2 hours to take effect and you must consume at least 20%-30% of it. 

Research shows that chewing exposes the product to a first-pass-effect. This is where the product is broken down partially by the digestive tract and the liver. 

Almost every weed dispensary online or physical store stocks different kinds of edibles. Chewing edibles is one of the most preferred methods of consumption. Unlike smoking that may irritate the lungs, edibles don’t expose one to such potential risk.

Pick an administration method that best suits your needs, condition, and comfort. It’s vital to always keep in mind that a quick onset means shorter-acting time, and a slow onset means longer-acting time.

8. Consider your Medical History. 

Before trying any cannabis strain, consider possible underlying medical conditions and medications. Cannabis can cause intense effects if taken by people with existing conditions or those taking some other forms of drugs. If you fall under this category, be sure to ask your doctor about any potential cannabis risks or benefits to you and the right dosage.

9. Check Legality

Cannabis is not legal everywhere. Canada is one of the countries that has legalized cannabis use countrywide, but not many other countries have.

Cannabis use is illegal in some parts of the US. Some states allow its use but heavily regulate the source to prevent THC-laced CBD products. 

Before you purchase or use any cannabis product, you should be fully aware of the laws of your country or state. If you don’t, you could face severe legal consequences.

Parting Shot

If you’re planning to start using cannabis products, talk with a healthcare provider, or trained staff in a cannabis dispensary first to discuss potential benefits and risks factors on you. They can help you find something that best suits your needs.

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