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3 Reasons To Claim Italian Citizenship By Descent

Italy is among the best second passport destinations for Americans. It empowers you to travel visa-free across the EU. Italian citizenship gives you access to an excellent education and healthcare system. You can enjoy incredible weather, a peaceful lifestyle, and lucrative career and business opportunities here. Another great thing about Italian citizenship is that you can claim it through different routes, such as by descent, marriage, and naturalization. The best experience for beautiful culture is by learning the language, which you can learn from Intrepid Guide.

You can also get a shortcut with a golden visa. Citizenship by descent is an ideal option, and Bersani Law Firm provides a great guide here to explain how it works. Here are some reasons why you should claim it.

Eligibility requirements are clear

The eligibility requirements for Italian citizenship by descent are clear and straightforward. You can apply if you can validate your bloodline through parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. Even adopted individuals can apply through this route. If your Italian ancestor was a citizen after 1861 and did not give up citizenship by naturalization elsewhere, you will not have problems qualifying. Things can be tricky if you apply by a maternal line, but there are still options to get through. A legal process is applicable if your female ascendant gave birth after 1st Jan 1948.

The process is fast and simple

The Jure Sanguinis process is fast and simple. You can start by gathering documents from your ancestor’s comune in Italy to establish your roots in the country. The ones originating outside Italy have to be translated and apostilled to legalize them. Once you have the documents, you can apply and submit them to your nearest consulate. Those applying through the 1948 Rule have to go through a court process, where a judge checks your documents and grants citizenship. The process is quick both ways, and you can expect an outcome within a year, though timelines can fluctuate depending on the cases in line in the consulate or court.

Citizenship experts can help you expedite the journey

The steps of citizenship by descent are clear, but you can still go wrong at some point. For example, determining eligibility is tricky because of dates and exceptions. Likewise, you may leave your application incomplete or miss out on a document or its translation and certification. The smallest errors can delay the process and even lead to rejection. Fortunately, you can seek guidance from a local citizenship expert to steer clear of them and make your journey smooth and seamless. They can check your eligibility and advise the best route among Jure Sanguinis and the 1948 Rule. An expert also ensures that your documents are in place. They can even help you get local documents easily with their connections.

Claiming Italian citizenship by descent is an excellent idea if you have a bloodline in the country. You need not marry an Italian only to get into the country, and you can skip the decade-long waiting period for naturalization. Further, you can also get a second passport without investing a fortune in the Golden Visa. Simply trace your roots and start a new life here!




Jeff Campbell