Tips on Choosing Closed Back Headphones: A Buyer’s Guide

Music is a way of life for a lot of us. It helps us while we work out at the gym or on a run, assists with concentration and studying, those long commutes home on public transport, and to block out a particularly annoying colleague while you are trying to finish a large project according to a tight deadline.

Choosing the right pair of headphones can be tricky, since we all have different tastes and needs. Here we take a look at how to choose the best closed back headphones.

A Closer Look at Closed Back Headphones

The most defining feature of closed back headphones is the fact that the cup of the ear is closed.

This means that closed back headphones are perfect if you need a lot of isolation from other sounds and what you are currently listening to. The vast majority of the sound you are listening to will not leak out, which means it is a brilliant option if you are an artist that does a lot of recording or simply would like more privacy.

It could be at the gym, while you are at home gaming (and do not want your loved ones to hear the dramatic effects of what is going on in your game), or even on the bus.  Closed back headphones are a fantastic option for any of these uses.

You can listen to your Metallica, classical music, play your video game, or record that award winning track with very little disturbance. Until people decide to interrupt you that is!

What to Look for When Choosing Closed Back Headphones

Now that you have decided that you are going to purchase a pair of closed back headphones as your next pair of headphones, you need to know what to consider when buying them. There are so many choices out there on the market after all.

Here are three factors to consider when looking for and buying a pair of closed back headphones.

Do You Need to Be Wired?

If you are someone who likes to move around without the additional baggage of annoying wires, then your best bet is to go with headphones of the wireless kind. The only downside is that the signal may not always be at its optimal. If you really do require your signal to be at its best and can handle having your device near you at all times, then consider buying traditional wired headphones.

Make Sure You Get a Guarantee

Closed back headphones, or the ones you will want to purchase, can be expensive. This means that you really need to make sure that you have a decent guarantee. Go to an authorised and reputable dealer when you buy your closed back headphones. This way you will know that you will get a decent guarantee.

Money, Money, Money

Ultimately, it all comes down to the bottom line. How much can you afford  or are you willing to spend on your headphones? Check your budget and then make your final decision. 


Jeff Campbell

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