5 Ways for College Students to Make Money on the Side

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Only a lazy student who has everything he or she might need doesn’t want to earn a little money.

They want to maintain their liberty and adjust their material dependence on parents, have some extra cash for entertainment, purchasing books, clothes, or even come one step closer to fulfilling a dream.

Employers, in return, are looking for honest, hardworking and disciplined workers even if they will have a part-time load. 

The development of the Internet gives modern students more job opportunities than their parents had. Working online allows you skipping those early wake-ups before the dawn or late hours at night.

You don’t have to spend money and time on public transport or sacrifice your classes. You simply accomplish the tasks in your free time wearing pajamas and sipping a cup of coffee. As a matter of fact, you might not even know your direct employer and just receive a paycheck monthly.

Today, let’s put aside the classical baby-sitting, barista, peer tutoring, and other on-campus positions. We are going to dive into the endless ocean of the side jobs the Internet has to offer us.

Freelance writer or copywriter

Students with good academic results can easily work at any essay writing service.

Writers pick up a theme they want to cover and have to finish an essay before the deadline. Such companies typically always have openings due to a high flow of orders. However, be careful and don’t forget about your own essays. On average, the essay writers’ rate is around $10-15 per page.

Another option, it to create content for websites, blogs, or social media profiles.

If you are creative and are capable of finding and analyzing information quickly, then this job might be a perfect variant for you. In case you know a second language, you can translate articles and even novels. Such vacancies can be found on freelance platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, or Text-Writers.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Nokia used to connect people but not anymore.

The Internet does. The job of the virtual assistant can imply various responsibilities but, in general, it includes a common list of tasks. Thus, you will need to search for and collect data online, arrange it systematically, answer the e-mails or messages in chats.

Perhaps, you might be offered to accept phone calls as well. Such vacancies are typically posted by businesses or individuals who require help. There’s hardly a chance of building a career with this job but it will definitely bring you extra cash.

In the United States, a virtual assistant earns around $15 per hour.

Social Media Manager

Do you consider yourself a pro in social media and can’t imagine spending an hour without scrolling the news feed or the latest posts on Instagram?

Do you track all the social media trends and are aware of how to attract more followers? Why not start helping others? Becoming a social media manager can grow from a part-time job for earning extra money to a full-time successful career.

There are thousands of bloggers or small business owners who don’t have time for communication with their subscribers, answering inquiries, posting and creating content on their profiles. It sounds weird, but it’s true.

The majority of influencers and bloggers hire managers to help them cope with a flow of work. People with no experience get $15-50 per hour, while the professional freelancers can charge the clients up to $125 per hour.

Become a blogger yourself

Telling people about your hobbies, pains, and life can actually bring you money.

Become a blogger is a long-term process. You have to think of the type of content you are planning to share with your audience. Perhaps you prefer YouTube videos to tweets or Instagram posts to Facebook.

Determine your story and how you are going to tell it. At first, it most likely won’t bring you any profit. But as the army of your subscribers grows, you will eventually start receiving promo materials and offered cash for advertising a wide range of products and services.

It’s hard to discuss the rate in figures, but keep in mind that Instagram bloggers with 1 million subscribers are paid around $10.000 for a promotional post. Impressive, isn’t’ it?

Start your career as an Online English Tutor

The fact that you are in college proves that you probably have a proven level of English.

There is a wide range of online schools and companies that enroll students for the tutor’s position. The majority of such companies even provide their teachers with ready-to-use materials and lessons’ plans.

Teach Part-Time offers all the people with a Bachelor’s degree to earn $14-25 per hour for teaching kids English. If you haven’t got your degree yet but feel that this is your calling, try Cambly.

It’s a communication-based platform for people all over the world who want to learn English. Basically, students here get paid for chatting with users and each $10.20 per hour.

A student’s life is a challenging adventure with lots of new friends, loud parties, festive events, and information to learn. College students can make money on the side without sacrificing their future. Try various options, adapt to different conditions, and gradually you will develop a delightful rhythm of life.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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