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Commercial Door Maintenance Tips

Security is an essential factor to consider if you are a commercial property owner. One way this is achieved is through routine maintenance of your doors, ensuring they are presentable and your premises are safe. Since doors are the first thing, people see when they enter your property, scheduling regular maintenance with a professional locksmith in Sandy Springs goes a long way in creating a good impression. Whether you have manual or retail and commercial automatic doors, QuickPro Locksmith provides quality maintenance to enhance durability and efficiency.

Many things make your doors prone to deterioration, but a lot of traffic regularly is often the cause of wear and tear. To avoid frequent repair calls to a locksmith in Sandy Springs, here are some maintenance tips to help you maintain an efficient and functioning door.


Look for Hindrances

When maintaining your commercial doors, you must be observant and alert to detect signs of potential failure before they become more pronounced. Keep an eye out for obstructions and hindrances that prevent the door from functioning efficiently. For example, if there’s a jammed door in your building, using it in such a condition makes it prone to damage. Clear all the traces of rust and pieces of debris blocking the door, and hire a professional locksmith in Norcross to conduct regular inspections of all the doors in your business.


Lubrication is one of the essential aspects of commercial door maintenance, as it ensures various parts function smoothly. It would help if you kept an eye on regularly moving parts, such as hinges, bolts, and locks. As soon as you detect rigidity in any of these areas, it is advisable to first clean the rust off before applying any lubricant. Then, consult a professional locksmith in Norcross to ensure your doors are regularly inspected and lubricated.

Check the Bolts

The amount of traffic through your office doors determines the rate of deterioration on the bolts, which makes them loose and easy to fall. Failure to address this problem can harm anyone using the door or severely damage the door. You can prevent this by checking for loose bolts and tightening them to mitigate further damage. While this is a crucial practice in commercial door maintenance, ensure a locksmith conducts regular maintenance inspections.

Door Bumpers

An excellent way to prevent physical damage to your doors is by installing bumpers that protect the door from banging the frame when it is locked. Door bumpers are a minor expense if you consider the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged door. Furthermore, they also protect against damage to the door frame and the wall behind the door.

Door Frame Maintenance

Door frames are crucial for commercial doors, and any damage they sustain can impact the door. Therefore, regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure signs of wear are detected early and debris or dust is cleaned. If you find that the damage is irreversible, talk to a professional for repairs or automatic door installation.


If you follow these simple commercial door maintenance tips, you can improve the efficiency and durability of your doors. Contact us today at QuickPro Locksmith, and schedule a consultation with our team of experts.

Jeff Campbell