A Comprehensive Solution for Commercial Sheds & Warehouses

Whether you are in agriculture or industry, sheds and warehouses are an integral part of your business, and if you are expanding, additional structures will be required. If you are looking to add another building to your business premises, there are comprehensive solutions from initial design to completion, bringing you customised and cost-effective solutions.

Metal Warehouse Construction

If you contact a firm that handles commercial roofing in Perth, they would be more than qualified to design and build a custom structure, and by using state of the art 3D imaging, they can create a computer-generated model that allows you to experience the structure prior to commencement.

You can make slight design amendments, and once approved, the work can begin.

Customised Designs

You might need the extra space to store grain or heavy machinery, and the design would be based on your needs, with access created to suit and adequate ventilation.

There is a choice of aluminium or galvanised steel, and with solid steel supports piled into the ground, your new structure is designed to stand the test of time.

Having secure doors is essential for a warehouse. Installing custom steel doors will guarantee the safety of the building and will fit perfectly with all the necessary requirements.

Aluminium Cladding

This is the best material for warehouses and sheds because it is light, strong and will not corrode, and once in place, you have a strong and durable structure.

Once the main supports are in place, aluminium struts are fixed, which provides the anchor for the cladding, and such is the strength, the building can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Project Manager

When you approach an experienced shed design firm, they would assign you a project manager, who is the person you deal with. He is your link to the design and construction, and part of his job is to keep the client informed at every stage of the project.

He would co-ordinate the delivery of materials and the teams of technicians who would be working on the project, thus ensuring there are no delays, and should you have any queries, he is the one to talk to.


There are very effective protective coatings that reflect the heat, thus keeping the interior a few degrees cooler, and with ventilation ports in all the right places, the interior is both comfortable and cool. With a customised design, the structure will be suitable for the intended use, and solar energy is another possibility, as a few solar panels could provide all the electricity you need.

From Design to Completion

By dealing with an established shed & warehouse builder, you will enjoy a comprehensive service for a very competitive price, and as the provider has all the necessary resources, none of the work is outsourced.

Electrics, plumbing and construction are all handled in-house, and all local authority paperwork is handled by the contractor.

You might require a water storage tower or a grain silo and these can be added as and when needed. The in-house design team would pay you a visit to ascertain all of your needs, then they would get to work creating the perfect design, and when that is approved, the work can begin.

Jeff Campbell

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