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Common Mistakes in Selling a House in Thailand

Tips for selling a property in Thailand

How to quickly sell your property in the Kingdom?

Sometimes, we hear that the owners cannot sell a house or apartment for a very long time, and someone sells their property constantly and buys a new one, while doing it in a couple of weeks. Why is this happening? Why do some people make it easy, while others can’t make it work for years?

Property for sale in Pattaya and other popular tourist areas of Thailand is a profitable but difficult business. The owner must prepare for each stage of this process to complete it as successfully as possible. Let’s consider the main mistakes that sellers of Thai real estate make.

Premature entry of real estate into the market

When selling his own house or real estate that is part of his investment portfolio, the owner should not put an offer on the market until he is ready for it. First, he needs to investigate current trends, consult with experts, and carefully study all possible housing options. The property will be ready for sale only after the seller puts it in the best condition and gets answers to his questions.

Overpriced real estate

Any property owner wants to earn as much as possible on its sale. However, pricing needs to be approached wisely. The seller may think that his offer is much better than that of competitors, but we must not forget that real estate that has been on the market for too long becomes unattractive. It makes buyers anxious and wonder why it was not sold earlier.

Is this a warehouse?

Everyone knows that an apartment should look clean and tidy. Obviously, dirty and littered with various junk rooms can not make a positive impression. However, many well-maintained apartments are so crammed with furniture and household items that potential buyers cannot see the advantages of the apartment behind all this mess. If apartments are sold furnished, buyers do not want to see chairs, tables and a bed, but to visualize the size of the apartment and understand how spacious it is. A lot of interior items clutters up the entire space and hides the true sizes, your home seems smaller than it is. Don’t forget that your property is listed on professional real estate websites. This means that your ad will be available not only to potential clients, but also to their representatives. Therefore, this information about the apartment is extremely important to them.

Not all people like pets

Don’t think that all people adore pets. Many people associate cats and dogs with smells and fur. A lot of people are allergic. The point is that photos of your pet will not attract such buyers, and you will miss the opportunity to offer without starting to offer.

Personal belongings

Personal items are only your things, do not expose them to the public, no matter how beautiful and expensive they are. Real estate experts have such a term as “depersonalization of housing”: a person who looks at a picture can try it on himself, like clothes. When customers notice someone else’s clothes or inspect them, it is difficult for them to imagine themselves as the owner trying on this housing.

“Falling Walls”

Often the rooms in the picture look worse than they really are. Walls fall, square corners turn into curves, the entire space of the room is distorted. The main reason for this is the wrong shooting angle.

Unsuccessful photos

The Internet is a key tool for selling real estate, because buyers first pick up properties online and start viewing them in real life. A photograph speaks instead of a thousand words, and if it does not demonstrate housing in the best light, few people will be interested in it. Before the photo shoot, the owner must put his house in order and understand that neutrality is the way to success.

A bright orange carpet in the living room may look great in real life, but in a photo, it will overshadow the rest of the room and, perhaps, make a potential buyer unappealing. Therefore, it is better to remove catchy accessories and keep all surfaces as clean as possible to demonstrate the property as it is, not the things.

Excessive involvement in viewing real estate

Showing potential buyers real estate, the owner should not follow them around and talk about all the advantages of the house. This behavior may seem not only repulsive but also a little desperate. The seller should allow customers to walk around the house so that they feel as comfortable as possible, and stay nearby if they have any questions.

Refusal of professional help

Qualified agents always give sellers good advice to help them sell the property as soon as possible and at a favorable price. If you refuse the help of professionals, it can lead to the fact that the property will be on the market for too long, and this will alienate potential buyers.

To successfully sell your property, please check with the Thailand-Real.Estate specialists. The agency has been working in the Thai real estate market for more than 10 years, so its employees are familiar with all the tools to conclude a safe and profitable transaction.

Jeff Campbell