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Common Pests That Could Be Lurking In Your Yard And How To Repel Them

Keeping common household pests out of your home can be frustrating enough, especially if you are using store-bought repellents and DIY pest removal hacks. As if that’s not enough, pests can also be attracted to your yard, and they can quickly ruin your landscaping and the exterior of your property. And because most homeowners take great pride in beautifying their backyard spaces and investing in landscaping measures, there’s no doubt that you won’t want common outdoor pests to ruin your outdoor space.

These common outdoor pests are frequently found in residential areas, destroying plants, vegetation, and even property structure.

Rats And Mice

Rats and mice aren’t just creepy; they’re also incredibly destructive common pests that can lurk around your yard in search of food. What’s more, they can burrow through the walls of your home, making their way inside and doing further damage.

An effective and practical way to prevent a rat infestation in your yard is to consult a professional and reliable pest control service, such as Nextgen Pest Solutions. The same measure is suitable for mitigating existing infestations both outside and inside your home.

However, you can also take additional measures, such as planting rat repelling plants. These plants include marigolds, rosemary, peppermint, and even daffodils. These plants will also add substantial beauty to your yard, all while repelling the presence of destructive rats and mice.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles might not initially seem like pests, although they aren’t at all picky about the kinds of plants and flowers they are willing to destroy. These beetles will quickly eat away your flowers and most vegetations growing around your home.

Once again, a pest control service can assist with prevention and infestation mitigation solutions. In addition, using eco-friendly plant repellent sprays is also an effective solution to save your landscaping without harming the vegetation.


Termites are pretty different from ordinary ants, although younger termites can easily be mistaken for ants. While ant infestations are generally concerning, termite infestations are extremely worrying. Because termites can eat away at the foundation and structure of your home over time, causing costly damages.

As a result, prevention methods are required for all homeowners.

Even though you can consider natural repellents and sprays to avoid termites from feasting on your home, it is the best approach to consult a pest control service to install effective prevention measures.

If you are already experiencing an infestation, a pest control service is even more essential. You will also need to mend the damages as soon as possible, even if they seem minor.

Tons of outdoor pests can lurk in your yard, and while some can make their way into your home if not controlled, others feast on vegetation and prevent plant growth.

So, if you have a yard, you should invest in professional pest control services to ensure your home and your yard vegetation are kept in pristine condition and free of destructive pests that could risk lowering the value of your property.



Jeff Campbell