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Why You Should Consider a Home Playset This Summer

If you have young children, it’s more than likely that you love to take outings as a family and spend time outside. Playing outside is beneficial for health, wellness and social development — all facts that you’re likely already aware of. And while you may love the experience of going to the public park and mingling with other families, there’s also something to be said for home playsets and giving your kids the opportunity to play at home, too.

While it’s often a good idea to try and maintain a balance between public play and at-home play, installing a home playset could be great for your family this summer to give your kids a bit more freedom to play at home if they so choose.

Whether you choose a brand-new playset, shop around a bit more or finally set up the one you’ve had in your basement or garage all year, here are a few great reasons to consider a playset for the best summer for your family, right at home.

1.  Multitasking

While it’s true that someone should always have an eye on your kids — whether it’s you, an older sibling or a babysitter — however, that task can be accomplished much easier when your kids are always within view.

While you’d normally need to take time out of your day to take your kids to the park — which can limit their time to play — there’s no limit to how long your kids can have fun in the sun if you can see them through your kitchen window. You can work from home, wash the dishes or chat on the phone, all while ensuring your kids are safe and in view.

2.  COVID Protection

Even with vaccinations on the rise and the pandemic possibly coming to a close, you can never be too careful with your family’s health.

Especially if your kids are too young for the vaccine or if you have a family member who is immunocompromised, it’s important to maintain social distancing when you visit public playgrounds. Really, the safest option is to play independently outdoors, on your own property. A playset in your backyard is a great way to accomplish this.

3.  Safety

While public playgrounds should be safe for kids, there are plenty of reasons why safety might not be up to par in community spaces — from limited time and budgets to improper upkeep and cleaning, going to the community park might not always be the safest place for your kids to play.

However, when your playset is on your own property under your own supervision, you can ensure that your kids are as safe as can be.

4.  Encouraging Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is beneficial for a variety of reasons. From mental to physical health benefits, your kids should ideally get outside as much as they can!

And when you have a specific venue that’s built for play, they’ll be more likely to utilize it. Without a playset, if your kids want to swing they need to go to a public park, whereas they can choose to play on a playset at home at a moment’s notice. If you want your kids to play outside more, this could be a way to do it.

5.  Hosting Playdates

If you love hosting friends, family and small get-togethers, installing a home playset is the best way to entertain the kids while keeping them active and safe. You can have the option to become the neighborhood hub, or simply the space your kids and their friends want to spend time.

Who wouldn’t want to host your children and their friends for summertime fun?

6.  Specificity

Another great benefit to installing a playset for your home is the ability to truly specify your choice to what your kids love. Each child is different and has their own favorite way to play, and by knowing exactly what that is, you can install a playset that’s the most likely to keep them active and engaged.

Whether your child loves to swing, go on the monkey bars or slide, you can pick based on what they love.

7.  Growing With Your Family

Lastly, playsets are a great way to add to your home if you plan to have more kids, want to host nieces and nephews or if you already have the family size you want and plan for your kids to grow into some of the features.

Even if your kids might not all be playset-aged now, they eventually will be, and getting a playset now will allow your family to grow into it, however that looks in your household.

The Benefits of Home Playsets

While every family is different, it’s no secret that kids love to play, even in their own unique ways. If you want to have a fun-filled summer with your family, a home playset could be the right choice for you. From the COVID safety measures to the promise of future playdates, home playsets can grow with your family — this summer and beyond.

Jeff Campbell