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Content Writing: The New Bread and Butter for Stay-at-Home Parents 

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The pandemic has put many workers and small-time entrepreneurs into the gutter. The disrupted production and lower demand for products and services led to widespread shutdown and layoffs. While many people ended up penniless, many businesses also had a hard time coping with the heightened restrictions.

On the other hand, online businesses thrived and played a vital role in meeting market needs and expectations. They helped stabilize and boost sellers without them having to spend too much. They became even more popular when people opted to lock themselves in the safety of their homes. And if content writing and marketing were familiar before, it became a lucrative livelihood for many at this point.

However, tighter competition came with promising prospects. As creating compelling content is an effective way to market businesses, many people jumped at the chance at making this their bread and butter. 

This article will look at content writing and its growing popularity. It will also assess its practicality for stay-at-home parents. 

The Practicality of Content Writing 

Parental attitudes to writing and technology are continuing to evolve. In a Pew Research Center study in 2008, 83 percent of parents felt the greater need for better writing skills than 20 years before. They believed that writing well was necessary for a successful life. 

When it came to technology, 75 percent of parents already had social media accounts in 2015, based on a Pew study in the same year. They primarily used these to gather information and chitchat with friends and family. 

These non-traditional hours, which go way beyond the usual 9 to 5 shift from Mondays to Fridays, were beneficial for parents who chose to stay home. As years progressed, these parents also adapted to other forms of gainful employment. In a study in 2017, over 31 million children lived with at least one parent who worked non-standard hours. 

Freelance jobs became the top choices for single moms and dads. Some went for online businesses, while others set up parenting blogs and magazines. So, it is no wonder why many parents are now eyeing content writing jobs and other ventures in this area.

Freelancers with content creation skills are in high demand since many businesses are outsourcing their content writing.

Ninety percent of organizations use content for marketing their products and services. The number of businesses and consumers going online is evidence of this. The growing demand for this service and its job opportunities have increased its attraction as a means of livelihood. It is even helping unemployed parents and those who work from home earn extra money. 

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, below are the primary factors that make content writing a stable source of income.


The demand for content writing has heightened over the past decade. It became a more vital business component with the rise of online stores and consumers. However, it comes with a massive challenge in the face of fierce competition. From 2014 to 2020, the number of bloggers rose from 27.4 million to 31.7 million. 

Even so, many expect that content marketing will continue to flourish as more businesses and customers flock to the internet. The continued expansion of e-commerce and the potential IoT revolution is making content an essential tool for business processes. Ninety-one percent of B2B companies and 85% of B2C companies are dependent on it. 

Fifty-five percent said that content marketing remains one of their inbound priorities. Among them, 70% invested heavily in content marketing. It proved effective as it brought them more leads than paid advertising. They did not have to spend much and do hard selling strategies. These results make selling on Shopify and other e-commerce platforms easier.

Likewise, many customers rely on content through blogs and videos. In a survey, 60% found said content was relevant on the first part of their purchases. Seventy percent of them refer to blogs to know more about a seller. Meanwhile, 90% of buyers rely on informative videos. 

For writers and website owners, content marketing appears to be a good source of income. For example, Google AdSense pays $0.10 to $0.50 per page view. Freelance content creators can earn from $300 to $1,000 per content. Meanwhile, Direct Display Ad Buys pay $200 to $5,000 per display. 


Money is a primary concern when creating marketing strategies. It is good that content marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. A recent report by Demand Metric proved its affordability. The data showed that content marketing efforts lowered expenses by 62% in 2018. 

Moreover, it is more effective in reaching target audiences and increasing customer engagement. In the same study, content marketing increased leads by three times. Meanwhile, a survey this year showed that blogging continued to drive results. Of 1,067 bloggers, 55% said it led to good results, while 22% were pleased. 

New Normal Setup

It is clear why content marketing is vital in the new normal. More businesses, regardless of size, went online in 2020. People preferred virtual and cashless transactions for safety and convenience. This led them to visit search engines and social media frequently. 

As the situation persists, content marketing continues to thrive. Given its high-flying revenues, its market size exceeded $400 billion. It reached the value of $412 billion projected in 2016. Its current compound annual growth rate is at 16%, and its market size may reach $680 billion in 2024. 

The Bottom Line

Content writing is now a popular trend among freelancers and the e-commerce industry. It has become a fundamental part of businesses as more transactions go online. Despite the tight competition, the number of opportunities continues to grow. Hence, stay-at-home parents can consider this an ideal job or business venture. 


Jeff Campbell