Converting Your Loft Into An Extra Bedroom

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Want to turn your loft into an extra bedroom? Such a conversion can add value to your home and can be a lot cheaper and easier than building an extension. Here are just a few of the main things to consider when converting your loft into an extra bedroom.

Check the roof height

Your loft space needs to meet minimum height requirements before it can be classed as a bedroom. If it’s not high enough, you may have to consider raising the roof, which can be expensive and will require a building permit. Make sure to measure this space up first.

Make sure there are no leaks

You should also check that the roof is in good condition. Any damage could let in rainwater and drafts. Give the roof a good inspection to check that there is none of this damage. 

Look into fire safety

You’ll also need to ensure that there is a suitable fire escape leading from your loft conversion. This could involve building a staircase if your loft currently only has a ladder leading up to it (which sadly  isn’t classed as a suitable fire exit). This could be an internal staircase or an external staircase.

Fix up the floor

Many lofts don’t have adequate flooring – they may have nothing bur bare joists or may have old boards that are semi-broken. Laying down some new floorboards could be necessary. These floorboards could be kept bare, they could be laminated, or you could lay down some carpet depending on your preference.  

Insulate it

Lofts can get cold in winter due to being exposed from multiple sides. Insulation will help to keep your loft conversion warm and cozy for whoever is staying there. You can add your own insulation in the form of insulation boards or thermal wool. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to add some spray-on insulation. Any windows in your loft meanwhile may benefit from being double glazed.

Add electrics and plumbing

The next job to consider could be wiring in lighting and sockets. It’s worth hiring electrical contractors to carry out this work. Meanwhile, if you plan to install radiators or bathroom facilities, you’ll also want to hire the help of a plumber. This is work you shouldn’t do yourself without being certified.

Consider other features

There are many other stylish features that you may want to consider adding in your loft conversion. An en suite bathroom could definitely be worthwhile adding if you have the space, otherwise the person staying in that room may have to go downstairs to use the bathroom. A skylight could also be perfect for letting in more natural light (it could also allow you to see the stars at night). You could even consider features like a dormer window or even a balcony.  


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