How Copper-infused Mattresses Can Improve Our Health

Copper is known to play a vital role in our body. With copper, our body heals faster. Plus, it reduces arthritis and inflammation. It does not only benefit our body by improving our protective system but can also be used in so many ways to keep germs at bay.

Mattresses have been told to be an expensive investment. Thus, choosing the best mattress would help you make your investment substantial. Several kinds and types of mattresses have proven durable and are beneficial.

Now, since a mattress is an investment, it is only right to pick the best one. By having Copper-infused in your cushion, you would have a better and healthier sleep. With copper, a fresh, healthy and clean sleeping environment is noticeable.


Copper is known for its antibacterial properties, which helps prevent bacteria from living in your mattress.

Copper also prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria- to keep your bed clean and odor-free. Several reviews show that in regular use, a mattress can collect three million bacteria in a year. It is something to think and worry about, so with the help of copper, you can be assured that your mattress is safe from bacteria.

Mattresses, such as pangeabed copper mattress, have proven to prevent any fungi and bacteria effectively. It helps in avoiding any bacteria to reproduce in and out of your bed.

Thus, a noticeable better and healthier sleep is obtained if a mattress is infused with copper.


Copper does not only help you gain good sleep but can also impact your health. It can reduce arthritis and inflammation of the connective tissues in your body.

Thus, copper is proven to support and strengthen the support access of your muscle system to relieve any pain or sore joints. The copper-infused mattress works the same as copper socks and copper bracelets which is used by athletes to reduce any joint pain.


The copper inside the memory foam sums up another level of support to your cushion. The mattress particles are compressed in a pressure that hardens under your body.

The supportive feature makes protection for your shoulders and hips and softens the top area to help align your spine for a better and healthier sleeping position.


Copper also has exceptional antimicrobial features.

With this feature, it offers numerous beneficial effects. Likely, it is more lethal or fatal to flu virus compared to stainless steel, having a contact kill rate of over 99.99% per hour. Thus, no live organisms can stand and survive on the surface of copper in a long period of time.

But how does this help you with your mattress? Since copper has this property, it can help keep your good night’s sleep and keep your bed clean.


Copper can improve a person’s blood flow by supporting the iron levels within your blood and reduce any buildup of lactic acids.

Also, copper is rich in collagen that helps oneself’s a healing process for connective tissues and bones. It allows your body to heal overnight while you are asleep.


Copper is the most conductive material ever found, providing a conductivity of over twenty times than polyurethane foam.

When particles of copper are placed in a memory foam’s cell structure, it creates a way for the heat to go without compromising your sleep.

Thus, copper particles would then produce a cooling effect to avoid overheating. Overheating is notably bad while sleeping; the recommended temperature by experts are around sixty to sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, if your mattress is hot, it is deliberately fighting against you for an excellent and good night’s sleep. A perfect example of how great copper can cool is via a Moscow Mule.

If you’re drinking one, then you may notice or perceive that your drink stays cooler for longer than a traditional or typical glass cup.

Make you look younger

Since copper is rich in collagen, it can keep your skin smooth and elastic.

Bear in mind that collagen is vital to the elastin production that helps keep your skin youthful and firm. It works and as effective as drinking in a copper cup or flask since there are trace properties of the copper ions present in the water.


Several notable innovations will keep us healthy, and taking advantage of them is substantial. Copper creates a powerful way of keeping your materials cool and beneficial.

Thus, infusing copper particles in your cushion is a way of protecting your sleep the best way.

When used in mattress, copper gives health benefits that are substantial in keeping your bed safe and clean. Antibacterial and antimicrobial are only a few of the health benefits that impact one’s health. Beds are very important investments, so choosing the best mattress for you is a must.

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