Top Tips for Couples Choosing a Pet

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Bringing a pet into your family and life is a new decision, and there is no doubt that you are already imagining all the cuddles, walks, and playtime you and your partner are going to have with your adorable companion.

It is essential to think through being a pet owner carefully before you go out to buy your pet. Purchasing a pet is something that you should impulsively do as the average life span of a dog or cat is about 12 to 15 years, for some more. Therefore, pet ownership is a long-term commitment.

What Kind of Pet do You Want?

Your partner may be a cat person, while you may be a dog person.

Deciding on a pet can be a difficult decision if both of you have different preferences for pets. Cats and dogs are the ideal choice for most people, but some couples prefer other species for pets such as rabbits, hamsters, turtles, hedgehogs, spiders, snakes, and so many other incredible species.

Top tier pets, such as dogs and cats, have a longer life span, are profoundly responsive to their owners, and require more care. Phoenix Attorneys has a team of dog bite lawyers with a 99% success rate in their cases and know that severe dog bites are no laughing matter.

Where Should You Get Your Pet?

Once you have solved the question of the pet you would like to get; the next puzzle is where you can procure your fur baby. Your options include a pet store, a private breeder, or a shelter. Pet store animals are provided with primary veterinary services such as vaccines and deworming medication and are generally expensive.

Private breeders cost less, but you will have to take care of registration and vaccines. When buying from a local shelter, a stray often costs nothing more than the checkup from the vet, and this way you know that you will be saving the life of one animal and making space open for another animal in need.

Provide Space for Your Pet

While fish can be content in a fish tank and hamsters or snakes in a large glass aquarium enclosure with a tight mesh top, larger pets need a larger living space to do their business. Creating space for your pet can avoid small incidents, such as chewed household items, knocked-over vases, and fur on your carpets and clothes.

Alternatively, you could train them to avoid specific areas of your home. If you have a bigger house with a yard, you can allow your pet to spend most of their time outdoors, which is where they love to be and let them indoors when you experience bad weather.

Do Research on the Breed

Research should be done before getting your pet, even if you have already decided on the kind of pet that you both will be getting as you cannot base your decision on preference alone.

It is important to compare your chosen pet breed to your daily activities and lifestyle.

Specific breeds of dogs or cats are only comfortable within a particular environment. If you live in a downtown flat or apartment with very little space, get a pet suited for this type of lifestyle as mismatching your pet’s personality with your current environment will cause distress for your pet and then for you.

It is necessary to consider all these factors when choosing a pet. It is also important to remember that your pet is a living creature with feelings and needs; that is why it is required to plan and prepare!

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