10 Couponing Secrets That Stores Don’t Want You to Know About

Raising a family gets expensive, as the average American household spends between $314 and $516 monthly on groceries alone! So, successful dadding requires love, patience, and lots of creativity!

Couponing secrets can help you lower this cost, allowing you to focus on the more rewarding side of parenting! Do you know how to coupon like a pro?

A Guide to 10 Couponing Secrets for Dads

Nobody wants to take a handout, but not accepting available discounts does not do you any favors. Keep reading to learn awesome budgeting strategies!

1. Know Where to Find Physical Coupons

Keep your eye out for awesome coupon deals. Cutting them can save you a ton of money!

Look for coupons in the daily paper. If you do not get it, at least purchase a Sunday paper as you will receive much more in savings than you will spend on the news.

Sift through your ‘junk’ mail, as you will often receive flyers and envelopes full of amazing savings. Local flyers will often send out coupons for nearby businesses every so often to keep up the economic flow.

Whenever you visit your child’s pediatrician or any healthcare facility, look on the tables and counters, as they will often set out coupons for Motrin, Tylenol, and other common medications. If you do not see any, it does not hurt to ask, as they may reserve them for needy families and possibly even give you sample packets to hold you over.

Lastly, use brand loyalty to your advantage. Many items will offer future savings on that product or give you points each time you buy to go towards future purchases.

2. Keep Watch Online

You can also find coupons online. Check out these couponing sites:

  • Coupons.com
  • Smartsource.com
  • Savings.com
  • Hip2save.com
  • Couponscause.com
  • Groupon.com

The Honey extension for your browser also offers incredible savings when you purchase items online. It automatically puts in any available coupon code for you after shopping.

3. Price Shop

Do not waste your coupons by spending more on each item than you need to. Optimize your savings by price shopping ahead of time.

Look at the different sales at each of your local grocery stores to find out what to buy at which store, and then get even more off with your coupons! Most stores will rotate their sales, so you may want to shop at 2-3 places. Extreme budgeting can literally pay off, especially if you support a large family.

4. Sign Up for Store Cards

Many stores offer customer loyalty cards to help them keep track of consumer behavior. In turn, this may help you as they provide extra discounts when you use the card. They may also send special coupon deals to your email or home address which will earn you amazing savings!

5. Select Your Coupons Wisely

Not every coupon provides you with a great deal. Saving some money might seem better than saving nothing, but why not see if you can save more first?

Look for the coupons that offer the greatest savings. For instance, some may offer only $.50 off of two while another will give you a solid dollar off of one.

6. Organize Your Coupons

Organizing will help you select the right ones. It will also help you take advantage of awesome deals before they expire.

Make a coupon binder! Get yourself a 3 ring binder with inserts to help keep your coupons in one place. This works better than a box as you can sift through easier and keep them organized easier.

Use tabs to organize your coupons by category so you can get to what you need quickly. Make the front page for ready to expire coupons and once a week sift through to move good coupons there so you do not miss out.

You can also organize your online coupon groups. Create a coupon folder for the top of your browser and bookmark all of your favorite coupon sites so you can easily access them and do not forget any.

7. Double Up

Some coupons state that you cannot use it with any other coupon or offer. But, many do not and lose out on effective budgeting.

Find deals where you can double up your coupons to maximize your savings! Often, you can use store deals, like a target coupon that offers 10% off of your entire purchase, paired with a manufacturer coupon, like $2 off a single box of Huggies.

8. Wait on Purchases

Try to only buy items when you can maximize your savings. Try not to buy anything without a coupon, ever.

You can manage this as long as you plan ahead and always keep up on your couponing. Buy things you know you will need when you have coupons rather than panic buying something that you ran out of without any savings.

8. Stock on Saving

If you find something at a deal you cannot beat, stock up! You might not need 3 bottles of laundry detergent now, but you will need more in the future and this amazing deal may not exist then.

When it comes to perishable items, go in on the deal with a friend. For instance, use buy 2 get 2 coupons and then split that price and items with your friend to get what you need and save even more on it.

9. Use Other Brands

Though brand loyalty can pay off, sometimes it can cause you to miss out on fantastic savings. One of the best financial tips for dads who want to save is to opt for the brand with the better coupon deal if it offers mega savings.

10. Use Rebates

Watch for rebate items and buy when you find them! You may get lucky and save with a coupon on it as well!

Many people buy rebate items and then do not take the time to send it in for their cashback. Once the cash is spent, they lose that pressing need to save.

Get yourself out of that mindset and into smart budgeting. Later savings turn into earnings, so use your rebates!

Coupon Like Crazy

Saving money now means doing more for your family in the long run. Use these couponing secrets to help you shop smart!

As a middle-class dad myself, I know the struggles and the rewards that come with parenting. Let me share more sadly advice with you on my website!

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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