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Creative Ways to Make Money From Home

As a parent, making extra money, or even starting your own full-time business might seem impossible without giving up some quality time with your family. However, there are some ways to make money from home without cutting into too much of your family time, and some of these may not even feel like work.

Start your own photography business

There are several ways to make money from photography, including becoming a wedding photographer, which pays well. Alternatively, you can sell photos on various websites and set your own terms and prices. You could combine family days out with your interest in photography, by taking your camera on days out and snapping anything which inspires you.

If you need to print out photos at home, you can save money by buying hp ink cartridges, and other major brands from Printerinks. They also sell cheaper inks and toners which are compatible with your printer, saving you even more money, without reducing the printing quality.

Offer virtual personal training

If fitness is more your thing, then you could offer virtual personal training sessions. So, you will still be at home in case you’re needed urgently but can make money by helping your clients achieve their health and fitness goals. You will need a dedicated space to do this, where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. However, if you’re committed to keeping yourself fit, you may already have a place in your home where you work out, and you can use this space when making video calls to your clients.

Become a pet sitter

Becoming a pet sitter is another option. If you and your family love animals, but don’t have time for getting your own pets, then looking after someone else’s might be the best option. It’s only part-time, and you get paid. It also gives your children a chance to help you take care of animals, preparing them for having their own pet someday.

Sell homemade products

If you’re good at making things, you could bring in extra income by selling these online. Websites such as Etsy, or local market stalls are great ways of doing this. You could also get your children involved in either making items, or in part of the process, such as painting them. So you get to spend time with them and teach them something too.

Playing video games

If you love playing video games, but find it difficult to justify spending time playing when you have work and family commitments, you could make money from your hobby. There are plenty of websites where you can make money from video gaming, and sponsorship opportunities if you reach a large enough audience. Everyone needs time to unwind, and gaming is one way to do this. Making money from it could be an extra incentive.

It doesn’t always have to be a choice between money-making endeavours, quality family time, or hobbies. It’s possible to combine most or all of these to provide for your family, without having to give up time for your hobbies or being there for them.



Jeff Campbell