Are Crypto Investors In Europe Different From Their American Counterparts?


Every nation perceives Cryptocurrencies differently. Some countries have light regulations for virtual currencies, while others have heavy restrictions. Additionally, there is a vague notion for cryptocurrencies.

However, the Americans and Europeans are more active in the crypto industry. Therefore, you will find that most of the successful crypto investors are from these two parts of the world. According to the report you can  read here, most of the clients are from Europe or the United States.

Take a look at how crypto investors from Europe are different from their American counterparts.

European Crypto Investors vs. American Crypto Investors

Here we will focus on four essential factors while comparing crypto investors from Europe and America and they are:

Financial Investors in Europe and the United States

According to, more than 80% of the total 800 institutional investors in the USA and Europe are optimistic about cryptocurrencies. Most of the big investors want to put their money in Bitcoin.

However, the percentage of institutional investors investing in crypto is more in Europe. More than 74% of institutional investors in the United States want to invest in crypto, while the percentage is 82% in Europe.

Percentage of Total Population Who Are Crypto Investors

Although crypto is making headlines every now and then, only 8% of the total percentage of America are investing in cryptocurrencies, according to a study by It’s a personal finance firm that helps people make better financial decisions. The platform is very active in cryptocurrencies.

The study shows that more than 40% of people in America don’t invest in cryptocurrencies because they don’t believe in them. Additionally, more than 35% of the total population think that cryptos involve high risk.

In contrast, the percentage of European crypto investors is only six. However, the percentage was more than this before Brexit because, at that time, Britain was a part of Europe. Since the majority of the European crypto investors were from Britain, the number of investors have decreased after the Brexit event.

Male and Female Investors

According to a report by Grayscale, more than 43% of the total Bitcoin investors are female in the United States. Since Grayscale is one of the top crypto investment funds, we can take this factor into consideration.

On average, the male crypto investors in the United States are 57%, while female investors are 43% in terms of investing in Bitcoin. The number of female investors has grown up to 13% as compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, the report of male and female crypto investors in Europe have mixed different traits. For example, the Global Web Index report considered the male and female crypto investors within a range of their age.

They prepared a list of traits, including age, education, income, etc. Surprisingly the women percentage is more than men within the age range 25-34 who are investing in cryptocurrencies. The percentage of women crypto investors is 21%, while men percentage is only 16%.

Crypto Investors Based on Various Age Group

According to the fintech magazine report, more than 20%  of Millennials in the United Kingdom are investing in cryptocurrencies. They are aggressively investing in Cryptocurrencies, and the number is also growing. On the other hand, 25% of total crypto investors in the United Kingdom, age between 25-40. It’s because their income capacity is more than other age groups.

Final Thoughts

Now, I hope you have an idea of various Crypto investors in Europe and how they are different from their American counterparts. With the above-presented fact, it’s clear that Americans are more active in the crypto space in terms of the total population.

However, the number of women crypto investors in Euroisare more than men while men are more active than women in the United States. So, the facts show that European crypto investors are different from American crypto investors.

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