Foolproof Curb Appeal Advice For Homeowners

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If you own a home, you want to return home every day and feel proud of your place. Taking care of your curb appeal will not only help you to feel proud, but it’ll also give off the right impression to guests, neighbors, and anybody else who sees your home. Plus, if you ever plan on selling, taking good care of the curb appeal is one of the first things you should do. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression on somebody who is viewing your home, so make it count! 

Below, you’ll find some foolproof curb appeal tricks for homeowners: 

1. Get Green Fingered

How about sorting out some of your plants and flowers? Making your garden look as pretty as possible will always get you some curb appeal points. See if there are ways you can create a beautiful garden so you don’t have to put a lot of time or money into it. For instance, there are many plants and flowers that will grow year round

Remember, it’s wise to keep your grass neat, but not to cut it too short. This could stop it from looking green and vibrant. 

2. Clean Everything In Sight

Make sure absolutely everything is clean. Your windows, your car, and even your neighbor’s car should all be clean. It might seem silly, tidying up your neighbor’s side of the house, but if you’re trying to create a good first impression on a potential buyer it will be worth it. 

3. Take Care Of Minor Repairs

Don’t let minor repairs linger. Even if you’ve planned to have them fixed soon, you should wait until then before showing people around. You could use concrete lifting to fix sunken steps, for example. Taking care of repairs will ensure you’re not driving potential buyers away. 

4. Buy A Welcome Mat

A welcome mat can be a fun addition to your home that greets guests. Let it show off your personality a little. 

5. Paint Your Door 

If you can, paint your door a bright and welcoming color. If not, make sure it’s clean and consider updating it with a knocker. A unique door will get people talking. 

6. Put Out Planters

If you don’t consider yourself particularly green-fingered, planters can be a great way around this! They can also add some personality to your garden if you choose the right ones. 

7. Rent A Pressure Washer 

Rent out a pressure washer and use it to clean your driveway and any other slabs you may have. You won’t believe how clean they can come up with just a little effort! 

8. Focus On Lighting And Safety 

Your home should be as safe as possible outside. A lack of safety features will always be off-putting to potential buyers and will be dangerous for you. Install lighting for night time, and consider installing a CCTV camera, too. You could even use a dummy camera as a deterrent. 

Do you have any foolproof curb appeal tricks for our readers? Leave a comment!

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